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Chibi Anime Angel Cards

Illustrated by Crazy Cookie Maniac
Published by Findhorn Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



About The Book

A full-color card set to develop your intuitive powers and connect to the wisdom of the angelic realms

• Contains 44 full-color cards depicting the Archangels, including Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel, in playful Chibi Anime style to bypass the intellect and connect directly with your inner child

• Includes a booklet with comprehensive explanations of associated symbols, planetary alignments, and messages for each Archangel as well as their position on the Qabbalistic Tree of Life

• Shares wisdom from the Archangels and ancient mystery schools to help develop your intuition for self-mastery and empowerment

Angels are powerful, compassionate forces that can be invoked to assist in our incarnation on this earth. These messengers, especially the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, act as intermediaries for the Divine and deliver answers to human prayers through intuition and signs. In this full-color oracle card deck, Dawn Brown pairs the Archangels with sacred knowledge from ancient mystery schools, esoteric symbols, sigils, directions, planetary alignments, and the Qabbalistic Tree of Life. She explains that when these images are accessed and the symbols become internalized, a connection is made to etheric energy that has stored this sacred knowledge for thousands of years. Working with the alchemic vibration of the Archangels can transform you at the deepest levels, especially when used to connect to the spiritual dimensions for insight or when giving service to others.

The deck contains 44 full-color Archangel cards, each carrying the attributes of its particular angel accompanied by an illuminating message that can be used for daily focus or as part of a divination spread. The Archangels are depicted in playful Chibi Anime style, “little animations” of the Archangels, to connect directly to the inner child, bypassing the intellect and thus allowing the messages to be absorbed by the subconscious. The accompanying 128-page booklet provides a comprehensive explanation of associated symbols, planetary alignments, and messages for each Archangel as well as their position on the Qabbalistic Tree of Life. It also includes guidance on card spreads and recommendations for using the energy of the cards. By connecting with Angels and your inner child through the Chibi Anime Angel Cards, you open access to an everlasting and loving spiritual support system as well as to tools to develop your intuition for self-mastery and empowerment.


Introduction Angels: A Gift from the Divine

Divinity is a beautiful source of love and compassion that vibrates at such an extremely high frequency that humans are unable to connect directly to it, existing as they do in a lower frequency: the world of matter.

Angels work in service to that source as “messengers” and are a conduit for that love and compassion to touch the world. They remind us of our inner divinity and seek to return us to that vibration of light. They are pure spirit, rays of immense energy extending to humans in the material world. They carry worldly hopes, aspirations, and prayers back to the source on our behalf and manifest the answers to those prayers by their presence amongst us all.

Angels rarely intercede in our lives unless called on to do so, honoring our free will: our right to choose and experience the consequences of those choices. Once we ask them to actively work in our lives, however, their transformative power can help us make shifts in our lives at the right time and at a pace that is appropriate for our individual development.

Angels appear to us in forms we can easily identify with, hence the prevalent image of the Angel in human form with the accompaniment of wings. In their pure form they are rays of light extending to the earth.

Working with the energy of Angels has been a truly transformative journey in my life--a slow surrender to divine wisdom. I changed my own personal ego’s desire to control my life, moving from a place where I operated from fear on all levels to a place of being open, and now I live my life according to their guidance.

In my healing sessions with clients I work with the very distinct qualities of the respective Archangels to excavate deeply held beliefs about the self and heal those that separate us from the source, our higher self, and unity with others.

The Angels help us to remember who we are--the expression of the Divine: Spirits housed in physical bodies. They ask us to honor our life journey with this knowledge and realize that we are never far from the infinite compassion of the Angelic realms.

So, connect with these beautiful beings through these cards and invite their transformative power into your life. You won’t regret it.

The Chibi Anime Angel Cards will connect you to the Angels giving you messages and guidance and access to all you need to know about their ancient symbols and planetary alignments.

These cards are designed for people who are new to the Angelic realm and also those that are more experienced that want to deepen their connection. The cards talk directly to your inner child and their messages help you internalize their messages on a deeply cellular level. They are also perfect for developing your children’s connection to the Angelic Realm.

How to Work with the Chibi Anime Angel Cards

I recommend that you always set an intention before you draw cards. In that way not only are you drawing the energy of the Angelic realm to your session but also directing their attention to where you need guidance.

Single Card

Drawing a single card will answer a particular challenge that you are facing or give guidance for the Angel and quality that you need to call upon for that day.

Three Cards

Drawing three cards is useful for understanding messages available to you with greater clarity. The alignments of the Angels and the combination of qualities will offer insight to draw upon to help answer your question. The elemental connections and the planetary alignments will also have significance for the particular question that you are presenting.


Archangel Michael - Strength


This card comes as a reminder to work with the Angelic forces rather than focus solely on individual action. You might feel stuck, overwhelmed, not knowing how to achieve your purpose. You know that you have the desire but don’t know how to move beyond your fears. Call upon Archangel Michael to help you bring your dreams into manifestation. He will empower your desires and urge to make things happen by giving you relevant ideas, helping you define what steps need to be taken on the spiritual and physical planes, and providing you with the emotional energetic shift required for achieving the desired outcome. This message can apply to goals for health, finances, and relationships.


Planetary: The Sun. The Sun’s force is energizing and stimulating. It represents personal fulfilment, success, and growth of the Inner Self. Its presence here indicates that you can take its energy to create order and a strong sense of self-worth at this time. Element: Fire. This element will clear your self-limiting beliefs so that you can move forward without subconscious constraints.

Qabalah: Hod Sephirah. Hod represents the power of the intellect to segment ideas and desires. Focus on this quality to release the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Card Use

This card can be used as a single card or as part of a spread. Note the alignment of messages and symbols as they can deepen your insight into the message received. The card can also be placed in the South wall of your room (Michael is aligned to the direction of the South) for a visual reminder. The card can be placed between your palms when you feel you need to feel a burst of the energy of the great Archangel’s strength.

About The Author

Dawn Brown is an international spiritual coach, intuitive, healer, and speaker. She is an expert in the teachings of the Ancient Mysteries, the Hermetic Qabalah, and associated pathworking to clear karmic patterns and raise consciousness to the highest vibrational frequency. She lives in London.

About The Illustrator

Crazy Cookie Maniac, the artist name for Julia Sayegh Ezarani Guimarães, is a self-taught artist, indie game developer, graphic designer, and post-graduation animation student.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Findhorn Press (November 5, 2019)
  • Length: 128 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781620559802

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Raves and Reviews

“These images, which can disarm us with their inherent ‘cuteness,’ actually help esoteric knowledge to seep into the subconscious. They talk directly to us, to our inner child perhaps, helping us internalize on a deeper level for insight and transformation.”

– Cygnus Review

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