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Catacombs of Terror!

A Novel

"A barn-burning, page-turner from the depths of the secret worlds of hellish evil..." --Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Catacombs of Terror! is a noir crime thriller set in Bath, England, in which private investigator Martin Valpolicella receives a tip that he will soon be framed for a future murder--that of his former lover--one that is set to take place in the catacombs buried beneath the city. Can he save the girl, and himself? A drug-fueled escapade takes place in the seedy subterranean of the countryside better known for hot springs and Jane Austen.

Donwood has penned a breakneck tale that weaves through secret societies, underground tunnels, and a surreal cast of characters where nothing is as it seems except looming danger!

Stanley Donwood is the nom de plume of a popular English graphic designer, artist, and writer. He is best known for his association with the British band Radiohead. He designed album cover art and posters for the band since 1994. He is the author of Catacombs of Terror!.

"Wonderfully wacky fiction.... Donwood is a nimble and impish writer, taking his story to the edge of absurdity...but never letting it slip away completely. There's an element of real danger here, lurking beneath the wordplay and quirky dialogue, and there's also a rather touching--if wickedly convoluted--love story. Just a whole lot of fun." --Booklist

"This irresistible mash-up of noir and gothic horror from Donwood (Household Worms) defines the term 'cult classic.' This is a wild, shambolic ride, but its central idea--of a dark world just underneath our own--is as noir as it gets." --Publishers Weekly, Starred Review