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Captain's Logbook

Escaping Nine to Five for 24/7

Published by Leaders Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Grab your faith; live your life! John De Silva’s manuscript reads like a treatise on the power of faith in the presence of overwhelming odds. It is at once, inspiring and humbling, and wrings the gauntlet to call forth that which is best of each in every one of us.

Mutiny, murder, and maritime disaster!

Such are the makings of Captain John De Silva’s recollections of a life spent at sea. Throughout his first person account of the voyage, De Silva explores the exquisite miseries and vicissitudes of life on the unforgiving oceans of our planet.

The long and tiresome journey begins in January 2006. Captain John De Silva assumes command of Cape Agulhas and a misanthropic crew. Before the ship has completed its circuitous route along the African coastline, however, De Silva must answer to everything from biblical infestations of cockroaches to engine failures, duplicity and deceit. Nearly every imaginable disaster that can occur on a seafaring vessel, will.

Yet, the palpable tension of the narrative underscores the tenacity of the human spirit as it is tested by God and nature alike. Through optimism, faith and a relentless desire to make it back to his family, De Silva guides the vessel through one hardship after another.

CAPTAIN’S LOGBOOK offers a darkly humorous examination of man as he faces the best and the worst of his own kind. The colorful cast of characters includes barbarous sailors, corrupt port officials and a seasick cook with the culinary aptitude of a barnacle.

All the characters portrayed in De Silva’s log book are real, but pseudonyms have been used to protect their identity.

Grab your copy today to find yourself thrown into the high seas for entertainment and enlightenment!



This was the price I paid for throwing the word of God under the mat; for the lies, stubbornness, and selfishness. I offer this story to my creator – the all-powerful God – and very humbly ask his pardon.

Psalm 49: 20

This is one of my favorite Psalms.

After I decided to quit my job with Green Valley Shipping and return to the sea; I heard the word of knowledge during a prayer meeting at St. Peter’s College, Colombo. It was: The Lord says that there is a person here who is dealing with ships. He has made a decision. It is not the Lord’s decision and for him to read the scriptures. There was no iota of doubt. It was a direct message for me.

I was totally confused. Each time I opened the bible, somehow, I was being directed to Psalm 49. Therein, my eyes caught-up with verse 20.

On that particular verse, I was touched with the following words:

1. Has riches,

2. Without understanding,

3. Beasts that perish.

My interpretations of the above were that God directed me to the job with Green Valley Shipping. I held a good position there. I was paid a very good salary, in foreign exchange. I had excellent perks. Such as, free food and accommodation at any of the company-owned hotels. I did a 9-to-5 job. I had a lot of time with my family.

I did not understand all of the above, or maybe I simply refused to understand. All I could think of was getting back into what I wanted to do.

I left Green Valley Shipping, and joined the ship Cape Agulhas. The story begins there, the miseries that I had to undergo for a period of about five months.

God, through his message when I was onboard the Universal Challenger, guided me to the job with Green Valley Shipping. How it happened, I have explained in Chapter One. God is great; he always gave me the best of everything. It all happened so quickly – one telephone call, one interview – an informal one, I should say. Next thing I knew I was taking the General Manager’s position at the company. Very good salary, excellent perks, absolutely no stress on the job.

God knew all the hardships that I was going through at my earlier job at sea. He loved me so much and wanted to help me and my family. He got me a job where I would be able to come home every day, instead of once every three to four months. I was brought back to my family. They needed me. I did not know the value of the job, a job that millions of people in this world would have loved to grab. And for me it was served up on a platter.

Then I suddenly decided to quit the job and return to sea!  

Was this really necessary? The truth: definitely not.  

I went against God’s plan. What happened, thereafter, is the whole story of Captain’s Logbook.


John De Silva sails on from Through Deep Waters, Sounds of Many Waters and into Captain’s Logbook.

John De Silva’s story is influenced by true events and captures the suspense, the agony of human relationships, administrative blunders, providence and His guiding presence throughout this testimony story. A book that cannot be laid to rest until the last page is turned.

About The Author

John De Silva, born in the post-independent era of Ceylon (as Sri Lanka was well known then), joined the merchant Navy as an Officer Cadet in 1973. After fourteen years of sailing, and having done intermediate studies at Sir John Cass College in London and at Lal Bahadur Shastri Nautical & Engineering College in Mumbai, he joined the Sydney Maritime College and graduated as a Master Mariner in 1989. Since then, he has been commanding merchant ships around the globe. He is also a marine surveyor and a consultant, and now lives in Maryland, USA, with his family.

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