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Part of Caped
Illustrated by Yair Herrera

SOUTH PARK’s Josh Lobis and Darin Moiselle’s irreverent superhero story about a superhero’s assistant.

"We save them! So they can save the day!" Think your boss is tough? Try working for a superhero! While your boss is out fighting crime, you get the pleasure of scheduling public appearances, getting the dry-cleaning done and keeping a tidy secret lair. Millions would kill to be a superhero's personal assistant like Jimmy Lohman. Unfortunately, he's not one of them. A story of capes, cowls and Blackberrys.

"The book has a lot of heart and soul... the book is a delight to read. Anyone interested in a breath of fresh air from the superhero genre would do well to pick up the issue or the eventual trade paperback." -- Pendragon's Post