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Canine Bootcamp

Basic Training for the Dog You Love

Make your pup do an “about face” from doggie delinquent to model soldier!

As a dog owner, you want your furry friend “to be all he can be”! And training your dog is no easy task—that’s why you need to sign your doggie recruit up for Canine Boot Camp. This engaging yet practical guide allows you to teach your pet simple commands and tricks while remaining firm and rewarding positive behavior. Learn how to become your pup’s drill sergeant, with techniques such as:

—Basics: Sit, stay, and heel
—Manners: Curb jumping and territorial behavior before it starts
—Puppy problems: Separation anxiety and housebreaking
—Gnawing issues: Chewing and destroying everything but toys

Filled with tips, tricks and more, Canine Boot Camp is your dog’s basic training for becoming a properly trained pup!