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Can a Robot be Human?

33 Perplexing Philosophy Puzzles

Published by Oneworld Publications
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

The philosophers’ Does Anything Eat Wasps?

Can you believe someone who says 'I'm telling the truth now'? Can a robot be human? What's the best way to win a game of chicken? And how do you know you're not dreaming right now? In this book of puzzles and paradoxes, Peter Cave introduces some of life's most important questions with tales and tall stories, jokes and arguments, common sense and bizarre conclusions. From how to get to heaven, to speedy tortoises, here are some of the most mind-bending problems in subjects like logic, ethics, art, and politics - and some tips on how to solve them! Illustrated with quirky cartoons throughout, The Unusual, Please! takes the reader on a taster tour of the most interesting and delightful parts of philosophy. For everyone who puzzles about the world.

Writer and broadcaster Peter Cave teaches philosophy for The Open University and City University, London. He chairs the Humanist Philosopher s Group and is often in debate, talking about paradoxes,' while arguing for good reasoning, especially in ethical, political and religious life. He frequently contributes to philosophy magazine, from the serious to the fun, lectures abroad, and introduced BBC radio listeners to a paradoxical fair of fun.

"The book continues to be unputdownable"

– Philosophy Now

"A chirpy introduction to philosophy through thought-experiments and paradoxes."

– The Guardian

"Lightly written, but definitely no dumbing down. A simulating read, the subject ranges wide and far."

– Publishing News

"With its wonderful varied selection of topics, plus Cave’s admirable lightness of touch, this is one of the most entertaining and thought provoking books I’ve come across in years. So stop messing around with trivia like Sudoku and give your brain a real treat by buying this book."

– Focus Magazine

"Full of arresting ideas, brow-creasing conundrums, persistent puzzles, and pleasing paradoxes. If it doesn't make you think, you are probably dead already."

– Timothy Chappell - Professor of Philosophy, The Open University

"A must-read book."

– Imre Leader - Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge

"With skill and good humour, Peter Cave guides the reader through a maze of intriguing philosophical puzzles."

– Laurence Goldstein - Professor of Philosophy, University of Kent

"Entertaining, witty, and highly readable. A most enjoyable and illuminating read."

– Michael Clark - Editor of Analysis and Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Nottingham

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