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A Thriller

In the second installment in a new international thriller trilogy, a young man is on the run to escape a “game” that blurs the lines between reality and fiction.

Murder is such a buzz kill. . . .

It’s been four months since HP Pettersson was dragged into a ruthless Alternate Reality Game that nearly cost him his life. Although he now has everything he ever wished for—freedom, money, and no responsibilities—he isn’t satisfied. He’s plagued by insomnia and paranoia, and misses the adrenaline rush of the Game. He misses the attention. At times, he even hopes the Game Master will find him. And when HP catches the eye of a rich and powerful CEO for all the wrong reasons, he may get his wish. But he quickly learns that sometimes, you have to be careful what you wish for . . .

Photographa © Jorgen Ringstrand

Anders de la Motte is the author of Game, Buzz, and Bubble. He has worked as a police officer and the director of security at one of the world’s largest IT companies. He now works as an international security consultant in addition to being Sweden’s most exciting and innovative new thriller writer.

“Incessantly astonishing.”

– Sydsvenskan (Sweden)

“Anders de la Motte [is] among the bright spots in contemporary Swedish crime fiction.”

– Dagbladet (Norway)

“The plot is so well crafted and effective that it keeps you enthralled until the very last page.”

– Politiken (Denmark)

“Relentlessly escalating intensity and suspense.”

– Boras Tidning (Sweden)

“As the dual story lines pinball off one another, the author, an IT security consultant, provides an insider’s peek at stealth corporate manipulation of social media while maximizing the rush of this heady, hallucinatory trip.”

– Publishers Weekly

“The story here is just as exciting as in the first book, and the prose itself is more fluid. A definite reason to look forward to volume three.”

– Booklist

“The Game Trilogy continues to be one of the best tech thrillers currently around.”

– The Novel Pursuit

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