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Bottles, Budgets, and Birthplans

What You Really Need to Know to Get Ready for Baby

About The Book

Glass or plastic bottles? Binky or no binky? Disposable or reusable diapers? In this momtomom primer, expectant women will finally find the answers and inspiration they need to best prepare for the new life (theirs and the babyÆs) that awaits! A musthave for soontobe mommies feeling the stress, this book offers practical and easytoapply advice in a manageable tipbased format. Topics include:
  • Baby names (We have to name her too?)
  • Choosing a pediatrician (More difficult than choosing your mate.)
  • Sleep for the baby and you (Ah, sleepùhow to get it and how to deal when youÆre not.)
  • Baby safety (Lock those cabinets and donÆt forget the toilet!)
  • Activities for baby (What do I do with him once heÆs here?)

About The Authors

Katina Z. Jones has a degree in metaphysics and has studied with feng shui consultant Kris Halter. She is the author of The Everything Feng Shui Book, The Everything Palmistry Book, and The Little Book of Feng Shui among others. She lives in Akron, Ohio.

An Adams Media author.

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