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About The Book

"Campbell’s writing is intimate, darkly funny, and deeply human, balancing edge-of-the-seat suspense with heartfelt character development. This delightfully unsettling sequel does not disappoint." — Publishers Weekly

Book 2 in the Three Births of Daoloth trilogy.

1985. Dominic Sheldrake is now a lecturer on cinema. His and Lesley’s small son Toby has begun to experience strange nocturnal seizures that no medical help seems to be able to treat. Meanwhile Dominic assumes the occultist Christian Noble is out of his life, but his influence on the world is more insidious than ever. Roberta Parkin has become a journalist and infiltrates the new version of the Nobles’ cult, but are the experiences it offers too powerful for her to control? In order to rescue his son from the cult, if he can, Dominic must undergo them too…

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About The Author

Ramsey Campbell has been given more awards than any other writer in the field, including the Grand Master Award of the World Horror Convention, the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Horror Writers Association, the Living Legend Award of the International Horror Guild and the World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Flame Tree Press (September 21, 2021)
  • Length: 288 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781787585645

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Raves and Reviews

"Campbell’s writing is intimate, darkly funny, and deeply human, balancing edge-of-the-seat suspense with heartfelt character development. This delightfully unsettling sequel does not disappoint."

– Publishers Weekly

"This is Campbell at the height of his powers, proving once again that he is a master of the genre."

– Publishers Weekly Starred Review of The Searching Dead, book 1 in the trilogy

"A return to and a revisioning of some of his earliest imaginings, the trilogy is a kind of autobiography of its protagonist, in which his lifelong struggle with a supernatural agency occurs against the backdrop of post-war British history. The result is a magisterial work, though such a description scants the novels’ propulsive readability. It’s another remarkable achievement in a career full of them."

– Locus Magazine Review of The Searching Dead, book 1 in the trilogy

"This novel is not only the start of an awesome horror epic by a master, but also a compelling coming-of-age story about a budding writer finding his way in a terrifying world."

– Library Journal Review of The Searching Dead, book 1 in the trilogy

"I’m very much looking forward to the third and final installment of this excellent trilogy." — Horror Delve

"Campbell is on familiar ground with the use of dreams, children in jeopardy and a misunderstood protagonist at odds with almost all the familiar anchors in his life – his family, his friends, his workplace – while in the background there is the looming and strengthening threat of horror from beyond. Is there any hope for mankind?"

– Concatenation

"Avid readers of cosmic horror will be satisfied with the read and will no doubt find themselves ordering the next and final volume, The Way of the Worm, as soon as possible."

– Rougeski Reads

“Britain’s most respected living horror writer”

“One of the century’s great literary exponents of the gothic and horrific”

“Easily the best horror writer working in Britain today.”

“Good horror writers are quite rare, and Campbell is better than just good”

– Stephen King

“The John Le Carre of horror fiction”

“Britain’s greatest living horror writer”

“Britain’s leading horror novelist.”

“An absolute master of modern horror. And a damn fine writer at that”

– Guillermo del Toro

“I would say that only five writers have written serious novels which incorporate themes of fantasy or the inexplicable and still qualify as literature: T. E. D. Klein, Peter Straub, Richard Adams, Jonathan Carroll and Ramsey Campbell."

– Stephen King

“The most sophisticated and highly regarded of British horror writers”

“He writes of our deepest fears in a precise, clear prose that somehow manages to be beautiful and terrifying at the same time. He is a powerful, original writer, and you owe it to yourself to make his acquaintance”

“One of the few who can scare and disturb as well as make me laugh out loud. His humour is very black but very funny, and that’s a rare gift to have”

– Mark Morris

“For sheer ability to compose disturbing, evocative prose, he is unmatched in the horror/fantasy field... He turns the traditional horror novel inside out, and makes it work brilliantly”

– Fangoria

“A horror writer in the classic mould... Britain’s premier contemporary exponent of the art of scaring you out of your skin”

“The undisputed master of the psychological horror novel”

“Perhaps the most important living writer in the horror fiction field”

– David Hartwell

“Ramsey Campbell’s work is tremendous”

– Jonathan Ross

“The Grand Master of British horror... the greatest living writer of horror fiction”

“In Campbell’s hands words take on a life of their own, creating images that stay with you, feelings that prey on you, and people you hope never ever to meet”

“The finest writer now working in the horror field”

“Ramsey Campbell is the nearest thing we have to an heir to M. R. James”

"Campbell has always been a master of tense relationships, of letting us listen into conversations we don’t want to hear, of upping the stress and anxiety levels of his major character, and all of those are here [...] one of his finest novels, in a career full of fine novels"

– Concatenation

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