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Beyond the Flower of Life

Advanced MerKaBa Teachings, Sacred Geometry, and the Opening of the Heart

Published by Bear & Company
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

• 2022 Coalition of Visionary Resources Bronze Award

• Includes tools and techniques to permanently elevate and program your MerKaBa field, including how to create surrogate MerKaBas for specific purposes

• Explains how to accurately connect with your Higher Self to live fearlessly and confidently and shares toning, chanting, and heart-opening practices to acquire unconditional love energy and heal emotional wounds

• Looks at paranormal experiences resulting from an activated MerKaBa, the power of Mother Earth ley lines, and the Christ Consciousness Grid

Through teaching MerKaBa and Advanced Flower of Life workshops to thousands of students around the world since 1995, Maureen J. St. Germain has developed and channeled specific methods to enhance your meditation practice. In this step-by-step guide, she shares tools, techniques, and knowledge to strengthen your heart connection, develop a relationship with your Higher Self, and elevate and program your MerKaBa field to manifest success, health, happiness, and higher consciousness.

She begins by explaining what the MerKaBa is: a fifth-dimensional Light Body activated from the geometric energy field that exists around the body. She shows how activating it daily produces its permanent existence. Sharing toning, chanting, and heart-opening practices, Maureen explains a precise protocol for fully and reliably connecting with your Higher Self, which will allow you to go through life fearlessly and confidently. She explores how to write programs for your MerKaBa and how to create surrogate MerKaBas for specific purposes. She also looks at paranormal experiences resulting from an activated MerKaBa, the power of Earth ley lines, the Christ Consciousness Grid, and how to marry the ego to the Higher Self to create Heaven on Earth.

An updated resource for meditation practitioners and anyone who wishes to improve their connection with their divinity, this new edition of Beyond the Flower of Life provides a path to open your heart, fearlessly embrace unconditional love, access the Higher Self, and activate a multi­dimensional understanding of reality.


Chapter 2. New Tools for Learning and Practicing Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is changing the planet. You and I are part of the massive change occurring everywhere. This section is probably the most important element of the MerKaBa practice.

Mother Earth is healed by your love, not your tears!

Daily Practice and Opening Your Heart

Drunvalo says without the Heart Connection your MerKaBa will not go anywhere or even work. I have got really good news for you. In spite of everything, if all you do is the MerKaBa, your heart will open. You cannot continue to activate your MerKaBa daily, getting all the elements of yourself in perfect balance, without opening your heart!

The most important element of the MerKaBa is unconditional love. Unconditional love is the rocket fuel of the MerKaBa. The level of unconditional love you have is directly related to your performance. The benefits of developing your connection to your heart and unconditional love are enormous. Take a stroll with me through the exercises that will support your advanced MerKaBa practice! You will be very glad you did.

The Hathors--Masters of Heart Opening

The Hathors are the most intelligent, most advanced race of enlightened beings in our solar system. They are more advanced than the dolphins. They represent only peace and love. They communicate through singing or toning, not spoken words. Many Egyptians experienced the Hathors in their life all the time. Many Egyptian artists were able to see them.

Accessing the unconditional love energy of the Hathors is an instant solution to hardness of heart, anger, resentment, or any other thing that stands in the way of an open heart. They are such wonderful, loving beings and they are already anchored in this dimension by virtue of their Fifth-Dimensional presence on Venus. They are willing and able to assist you with your heart opening. Remember we are in a “free-will zone” so it is up to you to ask for their help. Expecting them to help you will not bring their help. You must seek their help. The difference is significant.

Heart Help--When to Ask

When you are feeling particularly “unloving,” simply ask the Hathors to send their “electronic presence” to overshadow you. When you must deal with a certain person that you do not feel loving toward they can help you. Let their Mastery provide you with the perfect template of unconditional love.

What to Ask?

Remember that the Hathors hold the Flame of Absolute Love and they live on the planet Venus. They can be present on Earth at our behest. Their primary communication is through singing, as we understand it. If you ever hear your name being sung to you as if the sound of singing is coming through water then you are hearing the sounds of the Hathors. There is a warble and waver in the sound. This sound may appear in your head.

Their tones can be found in the warble of your own voice when they overshadow your toning. You can make a practice of toning to develop their presence. Practice your toning and ask them to join you, lead you, and love you.

Ask for their vibration of love to embrace you and all with whom you interact. Ask them to become one with your heart. Ask them to overshadow you while you are dealing with a difficult situation. It is their joy to serve in this way. Learn more about the Hathors in the next chapter on toning.

“I Love You” Exercise to Open Your Heart

This powerful exercise will help you open your heart. This “I love you” exercise is a series of I love you statements. They come from your memories. This will recreate who you really are and assist you in becoming truly open in your heart.

Start by writing down a page of all the wonderful things that have been said to you, by people who have cherished you. Begin with the closest persons and then add to it with other close friends, family, coworkers, etc.

For example, “You are so lovely.” “You are so beautiful, inside and out!” “You are so kind.” “You are so generous.” “You are good-natured and selfless.” “You are great to work with.”

The speakers do not have to be part of your life now; a beloved friend who is not currently with you may have said the sweetest things. Start wherever you like. You might choose to begin with your current beloved or treasured memory of a significant other, parent, best friend, son, daughter, or grandchild. Start with the most recent loving statement that you remember.

Give yourself permission to look at you from their perspective. If you are able, you might connect at the soul level with each person (or at least some of them) and then you would be able to hear them telling you exactly how they love you! Write these statements in the present tense, even if the friend or family member is no longer around you. It will look like this: “(Your name), you are so loveable.”

Keep moving in an outward circle to the various people in your life and see them look at you with a joyous heart, expressing their gratitude for knowing you, for experiencing you and for the gifts you bring to the relationship, family, friendship, and world. Make sure you include Mother Earth and Father Sky. Hear Mother Earth express her gratitude to you for helping to keep the Earth clean, for example.

As you write these love statements, you will experience a changed self-view. It empowers you to love YOU, and as a result, your whole being--body, mind, and spirit--quite literally starts to resonate at the heart. You learn to trust your heart. You learn to trust yourself. You become your heart. This empowers you to trust others and open your heart to them. Like dominos, you have changed only one thing and have changed the world.

About The Author

Maureen J. St. Germain has over 25 years of experience in the area of mystical and sacred traditions. Known as the Practical Mystic, Maureen is a prolific teacher and facilitator of spiritual knowledge for contemporary life, having taught in 24 countries, including at Kripalu and Omega Institute. Her books have been translated into 12 languages, and she has appeared on national TV and hundreds of radio shows. Founder of St. Germain Mystery School and the Akashic Records Guides, Inc., she also runs a sought-after annual program, The Ascension Institute.

As an internationally acclaimed Ascension teacher and Akashic Records Guide, Maureen has been granted access to a dimension that has been closed to most of humanity for eons. As a direct channel from Source, she is continuously researching, developing, and introducing new methods that will help you connect with your own wisdom channel and inspire your spiritual awakening. Maureen has personal connections with the Angels, Ascended Masters, Hathors, Divine Feminine, and the Dragons.

Maureen is the author of 5 books and the composer and voice of dozens of guided meditations, as well as the steward of AroMandalas-Orion Series Blends, a line of healing essential oil blends channeled by Mary Magdalene. She is the proud mother of four sons.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Bear & Company (April 16, 2021)
  • Length: 288 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781591434061

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Raves and Reviews

Beyond the Flower of Life is an opportunity awaiting anyone who gives themselves spiritual exercises that will advance their soul, improve their mind, and open their heart!”

– C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., author of Conversations with G

“Maureen is one of the way-showers in metaphysics and multidimensionality. This book is a must-have text for those on their path!”

– Jean Adrienne, author and developer of InnerSpeak™

“The Flower of Life was a monumental spiritual transition work for me in the past, and Beyond the Flower of Life is unleashing more of that spiritual connection and understanding.”

– Michael Jaco, author of The Intuitive Warrior and The Awakening of a Warrior

Beyond the Flower of Life gives Maureen St. Germain’s unique Practical Mystic perspective on a number of wonders of the new age. She shares the wisdom and joys that she and her students experienced by doing the spiritual work outlined in this book. This new release is updated for a new generation of seekers.”

– Dannion Brinkley, New York Times bestselling author of Saved by the Light

“Maureen, with the council of the Archangel Michael, has your highest good in mind in offering this new and updated edition for a new generation. Her goal is to assist you to jump start your own spiritual renaissance. Maureen provides an easy and accurate way to connect with your Higher Self and improve your connection to the Divine. At a challenging time in our evolution, we need this counsel more than ever.”

– Sharlyn Hidalgo, author of Celtic Tree Rituals

Beyond the Flower of Life will open your mind and experiences.”

– Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of No Endings,Only Beginnings and Three Men Six Lives

“Maureen’s love, skill, and experiences in her spirituality have led her to travel this planet and touch the lives of thousands of students. Her approach to integrating a spiritual life with the physical world has provided many tools to uplift consciousness while grounding practical principles of spirituality in the here and now. Maureen’s dedication, adventure, and enthusiasm fill Beyond the Flower of Life.”

– Ronald L. Holt, cofounder of Seed of Life Institute and creator of Quantum Navigation

“I highly recommend this book to anyone at any level.”

– Lynn Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of the Medicine Woman series

Beyond the Flower of Life is a road map to the new enlightenments that are and will be defining the next human evolutionary trajectory that is happening at this very moment! Maureen J. St. Germain has pre-paved the future into the only place of real power--the NOW--and clearly shows us the layering of invisible energies. Take a ride into the worlds of immeasurable connections and unnamable infinity and truly open up the bridge between human information, factual knowledge, and the amazing intimacy of the eternal cosmos NOW!”

– Harrison Klein, award-winning personal growth transformationalist and wealth and business growth con

“Maureen St. Germain has done it again! Complete with exercises to help you advance your spiritual practices, I encourage you to read this updated edition. The information is very timely, and you’ll likely deepen your practices, further advance your soul, and maintain an open heart.”

– Margaret M. (Peg) Donahue, founder of Feng Shui Connections and coauthor of Money Is an Energy Game

“Maureen has hit it out of the park once again! The new edition of Beyond the Flower of Life assists readers, both novices and adepts alike, to truly grow their meditation practices and have an accurate and clear connection and unification to and with their Higher Selves. This book will also truly assist you to deepen and expand your gifts to humanity, and you will love the tips and practices included! ”

– Lori Ann Spagna, author of Manifestation Made Easy

“Maureen provides many tools that anyone can use to uplift their consciousness while grounding their spirituality in the here and now. Her dedication and enthusiasm is infused throughout this updated edition, meant for a new generation of seekers ready for their next step.”

– Lyssa Royal Holt, seminar leader, channel, and author of Galactic Heritage Cards and The Golden Lake

"Being a long-time follower of Drunvalo and his Flower of Life teachings I felt that his teachings were the end of the story…until now. A perfect way to take your MerKaBa meditation to the next level of understanding that we are in transition towards 5-D consciousness. In today’s world, nothing could be more important than reconnecting with our higher-self."

– Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

"...I quickly recognized the book as an advanced manual for psychic/spiritual development. Written largely through the lens of Ascension ideology, it is a perfect way for those from older unfoldment systems (like those recorded by A.E. Waite, Alice Bailey, and Paul Foster Case) to update their metaphysical language both for comprehending the newer materials and for communicating with younger generations. Whether you’re already a Flower of Life practitioner, someone skilled in other metaphysical techniques, or a seeker who is looking to begin the psycho-spiritual journey, this book will meet your needs."

– Anna Jedrziewski, InannaWorks

"The information in Beyond the Flower of Life is both ancient and current and takes the reader step by step as we gain a relationship with both our Lower and Higher selves and ascend to multi-dimensionality. If you are interested in understanding your connection to your Higher Self and learning about MerKaBa meditation and activation, you may want to give this wonderful 'how-to' book a read."

– Larry Gardner, Psychic-Magic

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