Beyond the Content

Unlocking the Other Half of Test Prep with a Tailored Mindfulness Approach

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About The Book

Can't wait until August to read this book? Look for the print-on-demand version of Beyond the Content, ISBN 978-1-5062-4825-7, available for sale now.

Beyond the Content shows how mindfulness can help students beat standardized tests.

Mindfulness is widely embraced in the business and athletic communities as a valuable technique to optimize performance. Author Logan Thompson, an expert in both test prep and mindfulness, says that it's about time the test prep community embraces it as well. He says that most test prep books and classes are missing the mark by only focusing on strategy and content, and describes his book Beyond the Content as an essential guide to what he calls "the other half of test prep."

In the book, Thompson explains, "The other half of test prep is the world of fleeting thoughts and emotions, always flickering, always murmuring inside your head, usually going unnoticed and unremarked upon. They shape our perceptions and perspectives. And, they dictate our performance on tests. The other half of test prep is happening all the time, whether we like it or not. Your mental and emotional state, your surfacing memories, your underlying beliefs are always there. The good news is that, by acknowledging the other half of test prep, exploring it, and working with it, you can gain access to your full potential."

Product Details
  • Publisher: 750 Publishing (August 2019)
  • Length: 126 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781506248479

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