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Bedtime Sucks

What to Do When You and Your Baby Are Cranky, Sleep-Deprived, and Miserable

About The Book

With the signature hilarity that has made the Sucks series a hit, Kimes and Laccinole tackle bedtime, naptime, and all the wakey-wake time on the way to a full night's sleep.

Do you suffer from sleep deprivation because...

—Your baby only dozes off in your arms—rendering you unable to move?
—Your toddler refuses to nap and only goes to bed after five bedtime stories, three glasses of water, and the binkie that can never ever be washed?
—One expert tells you to let them scream themselves to sleep, while another says the family bed is best?

One thing's for sure: Nobody sleeps if the children don't. Amid all the conflicting advice, Bedtime Sucks is the only book to admit that trying to get your kid to sleep sure does suck!

Inside, authors Joanne Kimes and Kathleen Laccinole cover:
—Good sleep habits that start in the womb;
—The Zen Commandments of getting the baby to sleep through the night;
—Why the hand that rocks the cradle is the one that's constantly exhausted; and
—Travel dos and don'ts, potty training troubles, how to juggle more than one sleepy child at a time, and more.

About The Authors

An Adams Media author.

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