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Becoming a Sage

Discovering Life's Lessons, One Story at a Time

Published by Health Communications Inc EB
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

The art of becoming a sage mixes personal life experience with learning from ancient and historical people who have gathered their own wisdom. Sages know that they stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before.

In Becoming a Sage, international bestselling author and master storyteller Wegscheider-Cruse encourages readers to find their own personal path through a series of short stories, lessons learned and prudent quotes that validate each experience. Her stories span deep lows and soaring highs—a lifelong journey of lessons learned and a celebration of living with those lessons. Each tale will bring solace, comfort, and joy to readers, and inspire and teach them how to record their own stories. It will bring readers through guilt, fear, and forgiveness to reach personal transformation.

Wegscheider-Cruse knows that it's not always easy to tell our stories; they can be scary or feel too private. But, as we grow older, we find courage and confidence by deciding to become "a teller of the truth." Our sharing is the legacy that we leave to family and friends; Becoming a Sage is the remarkable legacy Wegscheider-Cruse leaves to us all.

About The Author

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Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse is a family therapist, businesswoman, and founder of Onsite Training and Consulting. She is the author of twenty-three books, including five bestsellers, translated into thirteen languages, most notably Another Chance: Hope and Health for the Alcoholic Family, Learning to Love Yourself, and Choicemaking. She has brought hope and healing to millions through her company, Onsite, and fostered a movement that brought direction to millions of adult children of alcoholics. The co-founder of the National Association of Children of Alcoholics (NACOA), and a leader in the field of women’s wellness through Miraval Wellness Center, she has trained and lectured for the US Air Force, counseling agencies, spa wellness centers, and corporations. She has developed programs in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Sharon has appeared on numerous television and radio shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Phil Donahue Show, and The Larry King Show. Her love for her soulmate, Joe, is everlasting and her greatest accomplishment is her joy for her children, her grandchildren, and relationships with her friends.  

Product Details

  • Publisher: Health Communications Inc EB (February 16, 2016)
  • Length: 312 pages
  • ISBN13: 9780757319051

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Raves and Reviews

"As a man who has lived through many tough life lessons and has shared a close personal and professional relationship with Sharon for the past thirty years, I can confidently say that Sharon is a person gifted with an ability to heal others through her words—words that have been formed through many, many years of accumulated life knowledge and experience. These two things create wisdom. Sharon has turned her wisdom into healing power that has made her a much revered sage amongst sages. If you are seeking life wisdom, I strongly suggest you read this book." —Robert Subby, psychologist and author of Healing the Family Within and Lost in the Shuffle

"For a long time, I've paid attention to the wise people I've encountered. Not only are they wonderful teachers (whether they know it or not), they are obviously people who have been paying attention to their own lives and the lessons all along the way. "Happily, Sharon Cruse is one of these wise women who has always been willing to pass along her personal lessons to those of us who want to live richer, smoother, healthier, happier lives. Pay attention to her and you'll discover what I mean." —Barbara Winter, author of Making a Living Without a Job, self-employment advocate

"I first met Sharon Cruse thirty years ago, and have been blessed and enlightened by her compassion and wisdom. We all have a life pilgrimage and Sharon lovingly shared hers in the work that she does. With her wisdom and loving heart, she has encouraged and guided many people who are seeking assistance and direction in their own personal life pilgrimages. Sharon is one of the gentle and wise people on the planet." —Harry Owens Jr., MD, MIM, volunteer doctor in underserved areas of the world for Project HOPE, Continuing Promise, Project Medishare, and Lifeline Christian Mission.

"Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse has been a life-altering influence for so many people, including me. I first met Sharon in my mother's living room, thirty-six years ago, when she was doing a weekend of work with my family of origin. After that weekend, I felt a burden lift from my shoulders and it was the beginning of what I would now call recovery from the childhood trauma I experienced growing up with parental addiction. I felt that I was seeing behind a screen, into the back stage of addiction, insight to what we now call ACoA issues, at that time all of this went unnamed and was often times invisible. Sharon was instrumental in making that experience visible. Along with making it safe to surface, she helped to open up great inner surges toward healing, happiness, and celebration—and towards taking charge of my life. Sharon had a vision and the courage to actualize it. She lit a path for others to follow. She lit a path for me." —Tian Dayton, PhD, TEP, author of numerous books including Neuropsychodrama in the Treatment of Relational Trauma, Forgiving and Moving On, Emotional Sobriety, and The ACoA Trauma Syndrome

"Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse has reached beyond her role as a mentor and pioneer in codependency treatment and recovery. With the humility and wisdom of a true sage, Sharon shares with us deeply personal stories to uncover meaning, wisdom, and clarity, transforming our fears and misgivings about aging into excited anticipation and empowerment. She saves us from the stereotypes of the past to discover the beauty, wisdom, and resilience that come with age. For all who anticipate the role of the sage, this book is our guide. "Sharon is one of the angels in my life, having first help guide me in my own journey of recovery and into my role mentoring others. She continues to be a beloved friend, lighting up my life and becoming part of my family constellation. I am blessed to have her with my on my journey in life and honored to be part of hers." —Cynthia A. Taylor, MD, life fellow, American Psychiatric Association, founder, Integrative Psychiatry, LLC

"There is really nothing I can write to convey how much Sharon has influenced my life and helped my family. She is one of those rare and precious teachers who understands that having 'a life well lived' requires that we first nurture our own clarity, artfulness, grace, humor, and compassion and then stand ready to serve others by lifting them up with what we have learned." —Peter Alsop, educator, musician and songwriter/performer

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