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Beating the Odds in Small Business

Read this book if you:
want reality instead of ego trips and pipe dreams...truth instead of buzzwords and hype...facts instead of bum steers and rip-offs
Go for it if you have:
the will to survive and
the drive to succeed

Mark Victor Hansen Coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Soul This is one hot book, if you want to create a WOW of a business.

Business Opportunity World Perceptive and entertaining, while offering sound advice. The straight-talking truth about business without a buzzword, guru, or trendy management theory in sight.

Business Franchise Magazine If you only have time to read one book on small business, then pick this one.

The Miami Herald New book challenges the hopeful entrepreneur...An opus with an attitude...funny, irreverent, opinionated.

The Orange County Register The straight scoop about running real businesses.

Business Matters A no-nonsense read...a shrewd look at the pitfalls and opportunities of going into business for oneself....Down-to-earth solutions, refreshing outlook.

The Boca Raton News Practical survival strategy for the world of small business.

Streetwise Business Unbiased and honest advice on how to survive....Tom Culley doesn't pull any punches...his brash new book is not for the fainthearted.

Phyllis Borenstein Owner, The Big Tomato I wish I had had this book two years ago. I would have been better prepared....Invaluable, honest, straightforward.