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Baby Names That Go Together

From Lily, Rose, and Violet to Finn and Fay - Sibling Names that Mix and Match in a Perfect Way

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Lily and Roseùfeminine names from the world of flowers
Jordan and Josephùa strong pair of J names rich with religious meaning
Charles, Lucie, and Alexandreùa trio of timeless names from A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Choosing the perfect name for a baby is hard enough; choosing complimentary names for multiples and siblings can prove even harder! This book presents more than 10,000 such names. This one-of-a-kind moniker manual provides parents with unique naming strategies and clever ideas for combinations, including name pairings inspired by: rhyme and meter, alliteration, great literature, music, religious beliefs, and more. With pronunciation guides, etymological information, and word meanings, this unique collection of baby names is all parents need to bless their babies with perfect names!

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