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In response to the elusive sense of dissatisfaction that many adults face today, authors Eugene Kennedy and Sara C. Charles, M.D., address how acting with natural authority in the main areas of life can lead to a better connection with happiness and self-acceptance, helping solve one of the most misunderstood ideas in America.

Tracing the mass problem of dissatisfaction that plagues adults everywhere back to a lack of self-authority, Eugene Kennedy and Sara C. Charles, M.D., approach how taking control of your life and acting with natural authority can help ease feeling out of control of your life.

Chapter by chapter, the authors address the crisis of authority in a multitude of areas, including marriage and family, schools and colleges, workplaces and boardrooms, government, religious institutions, and the media.

Through examples of problems that everyone encounters when authority is absent, this book helps readers realize where they can take control of their lives and how acting with self-awareness and authority leads to a satisfied life.