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Assault on Alpha Base

The fate of the world falls in the hands of Major William McGriffin when two self-styled revolutionaries, an American scientist and his lover, team up with a terrorist army deep in the heart of remote Africa and devise a plan to steal the deadly cache of nuclear weapons on Alpha Base in this thriller by Dr. Doug Beason, Chief of the Plasma Physics Division at Kirtland Air Force Base.

Home to America’s nuclear stockpile, Alpha Base is threatened by the daring plots of a terrorist army from the heart of Africa and their American allies, Dr. Anthony Harding and his lover, Vikki Osborn, motivated by money, power, and their own twisted glory.

As acting commander of the United States Air Force, Major William McGriffin must set aside his longing for the intoxicating freedom of flying jets to recover the hijacked nukes, which may turn out to be the most exciting—and dangerous—mission he has had yet.

With over 30,000 warheads, if Alpha Base is penetrated, no one on Earth will be safe. It’s up to McGriffin, cut off from his command post, to implement a surgically precise counterstrike to retake Alpha, knowing that if he makes one mistake, the entire world will pay.

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