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Arc of the Arrow

Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography

About The Book

A practical guide to mapping the course of our spiritual lives. Steer your soul, and uncover your unique spiritual path.

More and more, we are coming to realize that, along with our bodies, we have souls—eternal, immaterial essences that accompany us throughout life.

From birth to death, while our bodies drive themselves, our minds learn and plan, and our hearts experience love, joy, pain and loss, our souls are alive too, and at work—though the nature and scope of that work may not always be apparent. Like the flight of a divinely guided arrow, each of our lives follows its own arc, and it is up to each of to discern its path.

With thought-provoking paradigms as well as exercises and questions to lead us, Erickson offers seekers at all levels a guide to uncovering our own unique paths. Employing the methods that have proven so successful in her seminars on writing spiritual autobiographies, Carolly Erickson shows us how to take a spiritual inventory and how to recognize the often elusive tracks of the spirit as it works within us.

About The Author

Carolly Erickson is a prize-winning historian and biographer who has written over twenty nonfiction books and novels, including The Tsarina’s Daughter, which won the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Historical Fiction. She lives in Hawaii.

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