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Animal Spirit Wisdom

A Pocket Reference to 45 Power Animals

Published by Earthdancer Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

A full-color pocket guide to 45 important spirit animals

• Explores 45 different power animals alphabetically and shares their strengths, wisdom, special energies, and how to connect with them

• Provides a meditative journey to help you discover which animal is your personal soul companion

• Offers practices--such as observing your dreams, carving or drawing your animal guide, or opening the book to a random page--to intuitively find the right power animal for a given situation or for support and protection in a difficult period

Since the beginning of time, animals have played an important role in each of our lives. Early humans were almost entirely dependent on the animal kingdom for survival. Shamans both ancient and modern merged in trance with their animal allies for spiritual guidance. Native Americans learned their personal totem animal in childhood and viewed them as life-long companions. And today we can still call on our power animals for strength, serenity, inspiration, and support.

In this full-color pocket guide featuring beautiful animal photos, the authors introduce 45 important spirit animals alphabetically and explore their wisdom, special energies, and how to connect with them. They provide a meditative journey to help you discover which animal is your personal soul companion and offer practices--such as observing your dreams, carving or drawing your animal guide, or opening the book to a random page--to intuitively find the right power animal for a given situation or for support and protection in a difficult period.

Is your spirit animal an eagle, deer, or wolf, or will you be surprised to find connections to a hummingbird, dolphin, or fire salamander? With this reference, you can call on the healing power of the bear to strengthen your body and keep calm, the far-reaching and precise vision of the hawk to see imbalances in your life, or the intelligence of the owl to make wise decisions. This book offers an accessible starting point for your journey of discovery through the diverse kingdom of spirit animals.



Positive key words

Perspective on difficult situations

Recognition of our inner divine abilities and strengths

Taking advantage of opportunities

Where can the animal help?

Falcon reminds you of your inner strength and divine gifts. Call on it for help when you are about to embark upon something new and are unsure if it is the right time. Falcon knows when positive opportunities will present themselves.

How can Falcon protect me?

Falcon will protect you from making wrong decisions. Call upon it to help you observe situations from above, viewing things from a better angle. Falcon reminds you of your own talents and deters you from taking wrong turns on your spiritual journey.

Connection exercise

Find a quiet place and sit down. Breathe deeply, down into your heart, and ask your higher self to guide you. Now imagine you are standing beside an old church with a lovely garden. You sit down on a bench in this peaceful, holy place. You see a very beautiful Falcon in the bell tower. It looks down at you and you return its gaze. Ask for its strength; feel how it makes a connection with you. An image or symbol forms in your mind’s eye and you recognize Falcon’s answer to your questions. Thank this beautiful place and thank Falcon. Take a deep breath, feel the bench beneath you, and return to the here and now.


(or Spotted Salamander in North America)

Positive key words

Reaching new levels of existence through transformation Guardian of holy plants

Where can the animal help?

Fire Salamander will suddenly appear in your life, unannounced and almost unnoticed. It will help you to overcome obstacles that stand in your way and keep you from achieving a higher and more joyful level of spirituality. It supports you as you move away from conventional ways of thinking in order to experience the transcendental world. This mysterious being is also the guardian of holy places. You will become more sensitive and better able to recognize such places and tap into their energy.

How can Fire Salamander protect me?

Fire Salamander offers protection from failing to give the important experiences in your life the recognition they deserve; it ensures you are aware of their significance. Fire Salamander helps you to become conscious of the areas in your life in which transformation can take place. It will help you to recognize holy places as such, and to honor and make use of them. It stands by you during times of crisis and protects you from being overcome by suffering and pain.

Connection exercise

Imagine you are sitting on a tree stump in an enchanted wood. You hear a rustling in the leaves on the forest floor in front of you. At first, you catch sight of some yellow spots, then you see Fire Salamander with its gleaming, black body. Focus on it and you will instantly notice an intense connection start to grow strongly within you. Think about the areas in your life in which you seek greater clarity. Let Fire Salamander’s strength flow into these areas and see how they undergo positive change. Take note of whether you should let go of an old point of view that has now served its purpose, and be aware of how Fire Salamander’s energy transforms this old, mistaken perspective into a new way of seeing things. Take all the time you need and return to a new world.


Positive key words

Finding new perspectives on life

Discovering possible solutions

Cleansing and clarity

Where can the animal help?

The druids revered Frog as a seer and healer because of its regenerative powers. Call upon its strength if you are in need of healing and renewal. If you are seeking to move to a new spiritual plane, Frog will help you achieve this with ease and in a way that affects every fiber of your being.

How can Frog protect me?

Call upon Frog’s powers to protect you from and clear away physical and spiritual blockages. Frog will prevent you from becoming stuck in your old ways and from clinging to the past. Its powers bring about rebirth.

Connection exercise

Imagine standing by a pond in a summer landscape. You are alone in this beautiful place. Connect with your heart and call upon the power of Frog. Imagine it before you, powerful and full of life. Ask it to support you on your life path and let it know where you need its strength. Feel how its healing and regenerative power flow through you and into your life. Spend a few moments absorbing this life force, then thank Frog and the beautiful environment in which you have had this encounter and return to the here and now. Look for a stone lying near water and keep it to symbolize Frog. Carry the stone with you whenever you need Frog’s strength.

About The Authors

Phillip Kansa (1943-2018) was a trained psychologist and shaman who worked as a spiritual teacher and consultant for more than 30 years. Born in the United States, his mother was descended from the Kansa Native American tribe. He was able to speak with the ancestors and was in contact with the kingdom of light.

Elke Kirchner-Young is clairvoyant and walks the path of the shaman. She channels Archangel Uriel and is in contact with light beings and power animals. She has been leading angel and shamanic seminars for more than 20 years and is the founder of soul power events to support people to find and follow their unique healing path. She lives near Hamburg, Germany.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Earthdancer Books (May 4, 2021)
  • Length: 112 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644111154

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Raves and Reviews

"Animal Spirit Wisdom by Phillip Kansa and Elke Kirchner-Young was a truly impactful and enlightening reading experience. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone, of any level, who is interested in acquiring an introduction to the tradition of spirit animals. I genuinely believe the two beautiful shamans who put this book together delight in sharing this very knowledge with you. After my journey through these pages, I am moved to see the animals around me in a much more spiritual light."

– Spencer Indigo, Musing Mystical

"The authenticity of the authors’ knowledge and teaching experience is very evident in how powerful, potentially transformational wisdom is shared in a non-intimidating tone, flowing freely from page to page. The reader is sure to be drawn back to this delightfully useful and uplifting book many times."

– Nisha Patel, Indie Shaman magazine

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