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Animal Soul Contracts

Sacred Agreements for Shared Evolution

Published by Bear & Company
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A guide to discovering the spiritual agreements between our souls and those of our animal companions

• 2021 Coalition of Visionary Resources Gold Award

• Explains how animals have physical or behavioral issues to evolve their souls as well as help our soul’s evolution and release past-life karma

• Describes what happens energetically and spiritually with animals in the weeks before they transition and during their passing

• Includes practical instructions for identifying the different types of animal soul contracts and aligning with them to assist your shared evolutionary journey

Animal lovers are extraordinary. Despite awareness that we will probably outlive our beloved pets, we are still drawn, time and time again, to the connection, joy, and unconditional love that come with sharing our lives, homes, and laps with animals. Many of us feel something deeper than just companionship with our animal friends--a heart-to-heart connection felt all the way to the soul level.

Revealing the higher purpose and soul mission behind our relationships with our animal companions, Tammy Billups explores the spiritual contracts that are created when a human bonds with an animal and shows how we come into each other’s lives for a reason. Providing real-life examples, Billups explains why animals choose, at the soul level, to have certain perceived negative experiences, such as physical or behavioral issues, to evolve their souls, clear karma, and help our soul’s evolution. She shows that human and animal souls orchestrate every experience and interaction that holds potential for transformation and healing, including the final transition. She demonstrates the inner dynamics of the animal-human relationship to help animal lovers understand their soul contracts with their pets. The inspirational, real-life examples of animal-human tandem healings that Billups facilitated identify the soul contracts within each pairing that transformed feelings of grief, loss, abandonment, betrayal, trauma, abuse, and anxiety.

The author reveals how animals we have previously loved and shared our lives with come back, either on the spirit level or reincarnated in a new animal form, to support us. Offering peace and hope to those who’ve lost beloved animal companions, she describes what she’s witnessed during healing sessions with animals in the weeks before they transition and during their passing. Billups also includes practical instructions for identifying different types of animal soul contracts and connecting with and enlisting the help of your light team or spirit guides.

By discovering the soul agreements that underlie our animal partnerships, we can find meaning in the issues that arise with our animals and ourselves, support our souls’ mutual evolution, and allow the soul contracts to weave their spiritual magic in the animal-human relationship.



Types of Soul Contracts Defined


Since my awakening and embracing my new life path, I have been intrigued and fascinated by the higher purpose of our soul’s evolutionary journey. I feel compelled and driven to reach for the higher perspective within the day-to-day experiences, especially those that elicit fear-based reactions such as anger, shame, frustration, judgment, jealousy, or insecurity. When we realize that every experience in our lives is always unfolding for our highest good, we feel less stressed about the future.

Seeking the gifts and higher perspective within each experience has the ability to soothe and console us in the midst of difficult times. When you take a step back and observe a situation from a detached viewpoint, it diffuses the fear-based thoughts and sheds light on the part within you that is being triggered. Then you are more apt to react from a grounded and more aware place versus through the lens of unhealed emotional wounds. Triggers are simply indications that it’s a perfect time to pause, reflect, and look within to determine what is at the root of your reaction, which has shown up for you to see more clearly.

You can apply this same principle to your animal companions by reaching for the higher purpose in their actions, behaviors, and physical issues. Then you can more easily interpret your animal’s experiences and your emotional response to them. Think of it as sprinkling a little stardust on the situation, and voila! You suddenly see a different form of communication coming from your animal that wasn’t even on the radar to begin with.

Growth happens when you are open to changing your mind through seeking the higher perspective and then allow a transformative shift in consciousness to unfold.

Part of my mission is to provide a fresh new perspective on how people can choose to interact with their animals. When an animal lover recognizes and leans into the higher purpose of their soul agreements with their animals, and the reason they are together, the relationship takes on new meaning.

Defining a Soul Contract

A soul contract is an agreement between two beings to expand their growth in this lifetime. Before your animals incarnated to be with you, your Higher Selves agreed upon the lessons and growth needed for your mutual healing and development. For ease in understanding this material I interchangeably use the words agreement and contract.

Through my work over the last two decades I’ve identified and documented seven types of soul agreements. Indeed there are seven different conceptual approaches that animals and humans use to engage in intentional soul communication for their mutual growth. Held within each level are distinctive ways that you are helping each other to live out your preplanned agreements.

Agreements can be with any animal that has touched you in ways small and large. This can include the animals that you live with but will also be animals that have briefly been in your life, in addition to animals in nature.

The types of soul contracts are diverse, and all are important to your growth and to your animal’s growth. Since being in a body comes with challenges, the prearranged contracts can fluctuate and change as unexpected experiences potentially thwart the original soul plan. Challenges are created to learn specific lessons necessary to ignite the richness and depth of the positive emotions you and your animals desire to feel.

All beings have free will, and life is known to bring a few curveballs. Although it’s rare for a soul plan to veer off course, if your experiences have caused your inner soul Siri to recalculate the route, it is possible to manifest a similar or even improved outcome for your soul progression. Your light team and animal companions are aligned in such a way to help keep you on the path you designed. This takes the form of synchronicities, gentle nudges via your thoughts, and inspirational ideas and actions.

There is an unlimited amount of time to evolve and learn. Every being aspires to feel more peace, joy, and unconditional love more often, and each being’s path and timing is unique. Animals and humans will instinctively set the right and perfect tempo and timing for their Earth lessons.

The closer you become emotionally to your animals, the more engaged they are in your soul’s growth. And in turn you will both agree to implement contracts for your mutual growth. If you are an introvert or empath it is more likely that your soul has turned to animals to collaborate with in order to facilitate your personal transformation.

As you read through the following contract types, notice which agreements you can relate to with your current or past animal companion(s). There are usually many types of agreements operating in each of your animal collaborations. Every agreement, at its core, is rooted in unconditional love for the other being and is agreed upon in advance by both beings in the relationship. When there are multiple people in the house in relationship with the animal, each pairing has their own personalized agreement. That’s why two people will describe or see different traits in the same animal and respond differently to their behaviors.

The contracts are designed to assist both the animal and their human to heal and enrich their soul development on the path to feeling more love and less suffering.

About The Author

Tammy Billups is a transformational soul healer and pioneer on the animal-human sacred soul partnership. She’s a sought after holistic healer, the creator of animal-human Tandem Healings, and a Certified Interface Therapist. She has appeared on CNN’s The Daily Share, Primetime Live ABC, and Oprah. She lives near Atlanta, Georgia.

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Raves and Reviews

"Animal Soul Contracts unravels the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and mental connection that we unconsciously form with our animal friends that reinforces our “mirroring” of each other’s predispositions. Whereas animal whisperers merely help animals with people problems, Ms. Billups helps both in a holistic approach. Animal Soul Contracts is a new take in inter-species communication that affirms that our pets are unmistakably our equals."

– Vincent Dublado, Manhattan Book Review

“Life changing! Animal Soul Contracts taught me how to connect with my dog in a way I’d never imagined possible. The pages herein offer enlightenment, opportunity, and the wisdom we all crave knowing by answering the questions, Why are we here? and Why did this animal come into my life? The answers are revealing!”

– Jennifer Skiff, author of The Divinity of Dogs, God Stories, and Rescuing Ladybugs

“An enlightening book that should be read by all those seeking the higher soul purpose of why you and your pets have come together.”

– Lauren Cassady, doctor of veterinary medicine and founder of Heron’s Crossing

“Get ready for a paradigm shift! This book will change the way you see yourself and your animal companions. It will help you redefine who you are and why you’re here, how the special animals in your life are helping you learn and grow and become a better person, and how you are helping them in return! I highly recommend it for all animal lovers!”

– Cara Gubbins, Ph.D., author of Divine Beings

“Tammy gently guides you to a deeper understanding of the mystical bonds and agreements shared between humans and animals. She is a storyteller, teacher, and healer. A must-have book for every animal lover.”

– Kathy Pike, author of Hope . . . from the Heart of Horses and Pathways to a Radiant Self and coautho

Animal Soul Contracts is all about love and devotion. Billups’s stories of Tandem Healing--a groundbreaking modality she has developed to accelerate the healing of humans and their animal companions--effectively pull at your heartstrings and provide convincing testimony that all our interactions with animals and, by logic, each other are divinely orchestrated for the betterment of all.”

– Paul Chen, publisher of Natural Awakenings magazine

“Animal Soul Contracts will forever alter your relationship with past, current, and future pets. When we actively engage and experience Tandem Healing with our pets it is an act of self-love that creates healing for all sentient beings. Just what the world needs!”

– Barb Horn, coauthor of Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards

“A powerful teaching about the ancient soul purpose between animals and humans that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s as unique as your relationship with your beloved animal, and it will transform the way you walk your path with them. I applaud Tammy for creating yet another inspirational guide that honors our animal companions as the great teachers and healers they have always been.”

– Anyaa T. McAndrew, M.A., LPC, NCC, psychotherapist, priestess, shamanic astrologer

“Profound and enlightening! Animal Soul Contracts is a true gift to all of us with beloved animals in our past, present, or future. Tammy takes our animal relationships to a whole new level: soul contracts, past lives, karma, and their easy connection to the Divine. She enriches our lives and helps us heal, replacing fear, anxiety, grief, and guilt with love, peace, and meaning.”

– Paula Joyce, Ph.D., radio host of Uplift Your Life, author, and personal, business, and spiritual tr

“Written with grace and candor, Animal Soul Contracts will touch your heart and gently guide you to look deeper into your companion, not just as a pet but as a teacher who has come to welcome you home to your true self.”

– Don Reed Simmons, visionary business consultant and shamanic teacher and practitioner

“A wonderful book that will open your heart and expand your consciousness. Full of important insights and wisdom, Tammy gives fascinating and inspiring examples of how animals and humans connect to aid each other for healing and for their soul’s evolution. A must-read for animal people and non-animal people alike.”

– Judith Corvin-Blackburn, LCSW, D.Min., author of Activating Your 5D Frequency and Empowering the Spi

“Reveals how people and animals come together to evolve and heal. Tammy’s insights have taught me how to honor each animal’s uniquely individual journey and to reach for the higher perspective within their behaviors and ailments. This knowledge is invaluable in my work as well as understanding the relationships I have with my own personal animal companions.”

– Gigi Graves, founder and executive director of Our Pal’s Place, Inc.

“A stunning testament to the profound healing that can occur through the wisdom of animals. Tammy’s depth of insight lovingly guides us to open our hearts, witness our animal friends as reflections of what needs to be healed, and embrace the teachings that will not only enhance the lives of our animal friends but ours as well. What a gift to our planet!”

– Barbara Techel, oracle reader, intuitive guide, and author of I’m Fine Just the Way I Am

“I so appreciate Animal Soul Contracts with its signature wisdom, vulnerability, and strength of one who knows yet is always broadening horizons with her deep insights about our souls and those of our animal companions. The personal stories, the teachings, and the big dose of encouragement and love for animals and humans on shared journeys provides more than just a guide to more purposeful and conscious living. It’s an inspirational ode to what Tammy assures us we came here for--to love, be loved, and to become Love.”

– Randy Crutcher, Ed.D., coauthor of Divine Dog Wisdom Cards, Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards, and The Passion

“Well-known for her spiritual approach to the connection between humans and our fellow creatures, Billups goes one step further than telepathic communication. Delving into life experiences and needs of individuals and their animals, the author proposes that each is an equal partner in an evolutionary contract. Billups has written a book that is groundbreaking in its wisdom and simplicity. Like-minded souls will find validation, and those who start reading with uncertainty might just find themselves believers by the last page."

– Sally Rosenthal, Best Friends Magazine

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