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Angels in Waiting

How to Reach Out to Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

Published by Destiny Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

A step-by-step guide to engaging powerful angelic assistance to overcome challenges and manifest your desires

• Explains specifically how to initiate contact with angels and spirit guides, how to recognize their signs, and how to appeal to your guardian angel

• Reveals the various forms angels take, from archangels to guardian angels, their strong desire to assist us, and how they can help you find your soul’s purpose

• Shares real stories of angelic assistance for common problems, from financial matters to emotional and physical healing to finding new love after heartbreak

Even if you are unaware of their presence, angels are always available to help you. If you have experienced a lucky break or happy coincidence, it was most likely orchestrated by your guardian angel. And, as Robbie Holz reveals, if we give angels permission to enter our lives, if we ask for their help in navigating life’s many challenges, their assistance is much more profound and effective.

In this step-by-step guide to calling on angels and benevolent spirit guides, Holz explores how to initiate and nurture your angelic relationships and engage their powerful assistance to overcome struggles and manifest your desires. She explains the various forms angels take--from archangels to guardian angels, their strong desire to help us, and how the angelic realm assists humanity. The author reveals specifically how to contact angels and spirit guides, how to recognize their signs, and how to differentiate between guidance from your own mind and from the angels. She provides exercises and guided meditations to help strengthen your intuition and develop a closer connection to your celestial team.

Sharing real stories of angelic assistance, Holz shows how our celestial guides can help with financial matters, job searches, and dealing with difficult people. They can help those who need physical and emotional healing as well as offer relief from stress, anxiety, fears, self-doubt, self-hatred, and depression. Your spiritual team can aid in mending damaged relationships and finding love after heartbreak, helping you to open your heart once again. They can also support you in discovering your soul’s purpose, accelerating conscious evolution, and shifting into the love-based fifth dimension.

By engaging your angelic team, you will have access to a powerful and unlimited source of help that is always on call and always ready to work miracles on your behalf.


From Chapter 2.

Interacting with the Spirit World

I am aware that right now you, my dear reader, may be reacting to the previous chapter with a mixture of excitement, frustration and anticipation. After all, I have taken great care to describe a marvelous spirit realm whose purpose is to help you, but I have not yet shown you how to contact the realm.

Robbie Holz, I can hear you saying, I need to know how to reach out to my angels. I’ve got more than a few problems I could surely use their help with.

Fear not, I will not leave you in the lurch. But before we get started I want to emphasize one pivotal point: a point that, if ignored, will greatly impede your progress toward spiritual growth. Communicating with the celestial realm is a process. Contacting angels is not a matter of raising your face toward heaven and asking--even earnestly pleading--for assistance. All your problems will not be magically solved with the stroke of an angelic wand.

However, if you take the process of “reaching out” seriously, and learn to view it as a series of steps, I promise you it will yield exponentially increasing results that will impact your life in many positive ways. In fact, ideally you will not only trust the process but also delight in it, and find joy in your progress.

Like any other long and important journey, embracing the angelic realm begins with a single step. First, you must open up to the most powerful being in your celestial team, your guardian angel, because it all begins with awareness of your chief protector in the angelic kingdom.

Reaching Out to Your Guardian Angel

As you know--and will fully experience for yourself--you have your own personal guardian angel, a being that has watched over you since the minute you were born. It should be an enormously comforting thought that you’re never without access to this angelic being. Never. Your thoughts will always bring its presence front and center, but first you must ask.

The key word here is exactly that: ask. Unfortunately, angels, even your specific guardian angel cannot just announce themselves. You have to actively engage them by asking for their help. Angels are in your life to be of service, but you must invite them to take part in your life. They respect your free will far too much to simply intrude into your world uninvited.

That does not mean that your guardian angel hasn’t been keeping an eye on you. In fact, quite the contrary is true. Have you ever tripped and fallen to the ground only to get up and find that you are perfectly fine? That’s an intervention by your guardian angel. Have you ever found yourself drowsy while driving, and dangerously drifting into another lane, when you are suddenly wide awake and able to swerve back into safety just as an enormous truck blew past you? Guess who? Your life, my life and all our lives are filled with such incidences, which I will call “non-coincidences.”

You may be eager to begin the initial “ask” and feel the full light of your guardian angel. But before I show you how to initiate this conversation--a conversation that will significantly alter the course of your existence--you must be sure you are mentally prepared. So first, let’s do a mindfulness exercise that will prepare you for experiencing your guardian angel.

Find a tranquil place where you feel secure and comfortable. It should have some personal significance. Perhaps it’s a table where you have eaten lovely meals with your family, a place of worship, or even just a quiet room where you will not be disturbed. It can be somewhere in public, like a bench in the park or a blanket on the beach, as long as there are not too many people in your vicinity. Ideally you will be alone.

Once settled, close your eyes and picture everything in your life that you associate with your sense of “self.” Thoughts will begin to fly around into your mind: your family, your work, a friend or partner who may have recently gotten on your nerves, your home, your favorite pair of jeans, the “to-do” lists you make in your mind. Some of these things might seem vital to your core self, while others might seem shockingly trivial. That isn’t important since self-judgment is not wanted here.

What’s important is to let these thoughts, impressions and pictures wash over you in waves. I want you to visualize these thoughts as ocean waves washing up on the shore, while you are standing waist deep in the surging tide. Can you feel this endless parade of unbidden thoughts “rising and falling” around you? Can you feel them beginning to pile up, pulling you further out, and making you feel as though you are in danger of drowning?

Now I want you to step out of the waist-high seawater. Feel the warm sand under your feet as you free yourself from the torrent of unwanted thoughts and impressions. Look at all those things rushing by. Even more random thoughts may come--perhaps the faces of your children or parents--but now that you are back on land, safe and warm, you can watch them float away. These impressions are outside of your essence now--they are simply the ornaments of existence.

Now ask yourself: What am I left with? What have I brought with me onto the shore? Your thoughts and emotions are, in reality, not you but rather the building blocks of your consciousness. How do you really feel about who you are on a soul level? Excavate the deep recesses of your being, pulling forth truth and beauty from a place that only you know exists or that no one aside from you can change or corrupt. Begin to imagine that you are standing in the light of truth and beauty, and that truth and beauty, like rays of sunlight, are warming and drying your damp skin. That’s your divine essence shining through--–the most beautiful and essential part of your being.

I’m guessing that this little exercise may have been an unfamiliar experience for you, especially if you’re not used to spiritual meditations, or have been having a rough time of it lately. It can be enormously difficult, even frightening, to confront ourselves on a soul-deep level, to illuminate parts of our minds we have allowed to become dark and fallow. However, I didn’t subject you to this meditation without good reason. I wanted to show you how we often define ourselves too broadly by external factors. That’s why many of the first things--thoughts and images--that jump to mind are just that: things. Those external concepts are separate from your true divine self.

Now, let’s turn our attention to communicating with the angelic realm. It’s important to know that when you “talk” to angels in your mind, they “hear” you telepathically. Your personal guardian angel is aware of every single thought you have. Every thought, be it a little flight of fancy or a huge epiphany, is transmitted in full directly to your guardian angel. Since this is the case, it is only natural that the way to begin your “ask” to your guardian angel is through your thoughts. If you specifically direct your thoughts to your guardian angel, you will let that compassionate, concerned and loving entity know you are trying to communicate directly--that you want them to enter your consciousness in an entirely new and exciting way.

Intention Is the Key

In order to communicate your thoughts to your guardian angel, you need to fill yourself with intention. Make clear that it is your intention for your guardian angel to be a larger, more active presence in your life. Once you set that intention through your thoughts, then simply tell them that you need their help, and be very specific what sorts of help you need.

Over time you will develop a closer and more satisfying connection with your guardian angel. Spend time with them, as you would with a friend. Get to know them. Provide yourself with a very quiet environment where you can sit with your intention and call forth your guardian angel. Ask that they be with you in a more conscious way. Thank them for their presence. But persistence and consistency are key. You can’t do this just once every few months. You can’t develop a close relationship with another human being if you only see or hear from them every six months. The closer you are in this relationship with your spiritual support, the more you will benefit from it.

Angelic relationships resemble human ones. The difference is that your guardian angel will never let you down, or betray you in any way. Humans might lie to you or cheat you but angels are quite literally incapable of such negative qualities. Your guardian angel’s purpose is to guide you through your human experience, helping your divine essence to shine through more and more each day.

Once you’ve established a thought-based relationship with your guardian angel you can begin asking for help with specific matters. Never feel like you’re asking for too many things--remember our angels' mission is to aid us, and your guardian angel's purpose is to aid you. You can ask for help with anything and everything in your daily life, big or small, specific or general.

You can ask your guardian angel to help you live the highest vision of your soul. You can also ask for smaller things, such as the courage to try something new, or the strength to forgive someone. You may also ask for help with the simplest of things in life. It doesn’t have to be a crisis. They can help you with your next exam. They can help you when you don’t know how to communicate with someone. They can raise the vibrations around you, causing your general mood to improve and for you to be able to share your positivity with others. They can even give you a little extra bit of energy to finish a challenging workout.

Because your relationship with your guardian angel is truly a symbiotic one, it may be easier for you to ask for support if you realize that every time your guardian angel helps you, it enables them to grow because they are serving you out of tremendous love. In truth, you and your guardian angel are in a cooperative, mutually beneficial relationship.

As you focus on your guardian angel, you will become more aware of them and the impact they have on your life. Of course this takes time and requires some patience. But, eventually this will become second nature, and you and your guardian angel and other members of your celestial team will be functioning as a well-oiled unit. At this early stage in your relationship with your guardian angel, make sure to not become frustrated with yourself, or your guardian angel. Keep reaching out with pure intention, and soon miraculous things will happen.

About The Author

Robbie Holz is a holistic health consultant dedicated to continuing the healing work of her late husband. She healed herself of hepatitis C and has worked with Aboriginal healers in Australia. She lives near Seattle.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Destiny Books (November 30, 2021)
  • Length: 144 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644113165

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“If you have never met your angels, this inspirational book will help you to do so. Robbie Holz also shares many true life-affirming stories, demonstrating exactly how the angels can guide and assist you in every area of your life. This is a book to read and keep.”

– Diana Cooper, author of A New Light on Angels and Angels of Light Cards

“Robbie Holz’s awareness of Divine Source shines through in her book Angels in Waiting. She’s captured the true essence of the celestial realm and shares in an easy-to-read manner. This book is a perfect companion to help you see, know, and feel your angels and their light upon your path. A must-read for spiritual awareness!”

– Margaret Ann Lembo, author of The Essential Guide to Everyday Angels

Angels in Waiting is a gem: pure treasure for seekers who wish for guidance and succor from above. In it, author Robbie Holz shares clear understanding and practical exercises that can bring the reader easily into a place of openness that will allow the angelic assistance that is here for all of us to express in meaningful down-to-earth ways. Accessible and clear, bringing the sacred into daily life, this book will surely be a go-to for many who are on the threshold of awakening to the beauty that is life, the angels, and themselves!”

– Kathryn Hudson, author of Inviting Angels into Your Life and Discover Your Crystal Family

“There is great comfort in knowing that there is a guardian angel and a celestial board of advisors assigned to you from birth. One step remains: asking for their help. Angels in Waiting shows you exactly how to take that step. Your life is about to change dramatically!”

– Cheryl Benton, author of the novels Can You See Us Now? and Can You Hear Us Now?

“This practical book will transform your life. Let Angels in Waiting show you, step by step, how to engage powerful help from guardian angels and spirit guides in ways that allow you to overcome struggles and achieve desires.”

– Mayet Leilani, mystic, shaman, writer, singer, and master of conscious sound

"All in all, Angels in Waiting is an uplifting book that will help you to attune yourself to communication with your guardian angel and spirit guides. The authors’ approach is practical and down to earth, while simultaneously filled with a supportive, divine energy thorough as well. It’s the perfect book for those just learning about guardian angels. Those who already have a relationship with their angel will surely benefit also from reading it, as the case studies are inspirational and the wisdom of Holz and Katz is generously shared. This book is a small blessing that can most certainly lead to big transformations."

– Alanna Kali, Musing Mystical

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