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Angel Falls

Reluctantly on assignment in Venezuela, wire service stringer Jimmy Angel finds himself sheltering street urchins, lying to protect an irresponsible boss, and aiding a band of urban guerrillas.

Fed up with his job reporting for a wire service while working in Caracas, Venezuela, Jimmy Angel has made up his mind that he will save for a ticket to fly home. But as Jimmy works hard to escape the capital, survival begins to outweigh his duty as a journalist.

As he begins to socialize with a street urchin and a homeless woman, Jimmy also finds himself befriending a couple of sketchy partiers who seek his help to get hired as translators for an American rock star. Needing the money, he agrees, but it turns out Jimmy will be tasked with a lot more than helping the pair of best friends land the job.

Just as he finds himself amidst the craze of the partiers, the authorities begin to question Jimmy about why he has been taking messages for a terrorist group during his time as a wire service stringer. As his social life and job begin to test him, Jimmy realizes that his time in Caracas will not end easily, nor without teaching him a few dangerous lessons.