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Will this Mad Tea Party put Alice in hot water?

Alice is rebellion-ready, eager to save the world and come into her own. Led into a secret society of young eco-vigilantes at school, she feels like she's in wonderland, until one of the cool kids tries to frame Alice for all the illegal pranks they've pulled. Can Alice find out the gang's secret before she ends up in jail?

"Keeping with the strangeness and oddities of the original Alice in Wonderland, the contemporary and environmental twists are stunning. All the...nuances of the original story are incorporated magnificently, signifying a clear mastery of retelling from the author. Brimming with humorous and meaningful writing, Rachel Shane delivers an unforgettable story about the rabbit holes we go down to accomplish something worthwhile and the people we meet along the way." --YA Books Central

"Truly an original retelling, combining today's political issues with the Wonderland charm in a fast-paced mystery full of twists and turns." --The Deseret News