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A stunning new edition with deluxe cover treatments, ribbon markers, luxury endpapers and gilded edges. The unabridged text is accompanied by a Glossary of Victorian and Literary terms produced for the modern reader.

The fables of Aesop have endured the test of almost two millennia, being passed down first by oral traditions and then eventually written down in various forms until they were first published in English in 1484. The fables continue to delight modern readers with their moral messages and charming characters – the story of the tortoise and the hare as well as the boy who cried wolf are still widely told today. This collection brings together the best of the fables, showcasing the best of their warm humour and wise insights into everyday life.

The FLAME TREE COLLECTABLE CLASSICS are chosen to create a delightful and timeless home library.

Aesop was credited with many collections of Greek fables, however his existence is disputed. It is likely that he was a legendary figure created as a pen name for the many authors of fables. Various details about his life have emerged from ancient sources, including Aristotle, Herodotus and Plutarch, which are often contradictory in nature.

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