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Activate Your Super-Human Potential

The Ultimate 5D Toolkit

Published by Findhorn Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



About The Book

• Explores how to prepare the mind and body for 5D, create a unified Heart Field, manifest with the Merkaba, protect yourself from psychic attacks, reprogram yourself for abundance

• Provides a Star Magic Qi Gong sequence to clear, connect, and energize the body, allowing it to recalibrate and self-heal

• Explains how to activate the pineal gland through the Merkaba Matrix, uniting star frequencies from Sirius with Earth’s energy from the planetary grids, which leads to activation of your 5D Light Body

Would you like to wake up every day with joy as your natural default state, bouncing around Earth loving every moment? In Activate Your Super-Human Potential, Jerry Sargeant presents a specific set of protocols that enable you to step fully into your power, kickstarting a new way of operating in this human reality. Combining qigong, breathwork, meditation, exercise, pineal gland activation techniques, nutrition, mindset, healing, light codes, high-frequency energies, and more, Jerry has blended a unique recipe that offers you the opportunity to create a life of sovereignty and freedom.

In addition to raising our vibration, for one to truly ascend we must activate our DNA, our original 12-strand template, and be able to run enough frequency through our body that we can move through the Planetary and Galactic Star Gate systems. This is real ascension. In this guide you find the tools to realign your inner geometry, upgrade your levels of consciousness, and prepare your body to hold the necessary frequency. You will activate courage and confidence, connect to Source, and feel love in your heart always, generating waves of enthusiasm that flow from every cell in your body, catalyzing your own radical uniqueness with new codes never seen before, merging the divine feminine and divine masculine energies into wholeness. Every moment on this planet is a gift and by using this Super-Human toolkit, you will seize every moment, feeling happy, living in wonder, using the manifestation tools to create a life of abundance and establish new ways of unifying our human family here on Earth. You are about to embark on a life-changing journey. Are you ready?


From Chapter 5: Super-Humans and the Body

The Power of Cold

Once you have rested after your morning qigong routine, I want to introduce you to something else. Every morning, without fail, I have a cold shower. If you are not used to it, and you love getting under that warm water, then the thought of diving into cold water instead might be daunting. But if you are on this mission, you may already be aware of the importance of loving the cold.

I first discovered the importance of the cold around twelve years ago. I owned a mixed martial arts and fitness centre in New Zealand. Every Friday we would fill up a great big plastic bath with water and buckets of ice. The bath was an old container with the lid cut off. You could fit four people in there, really comfortably. We would sit with the ice water up to our chins for ten minutes. It took inflammation and bruising out of the body and totally rejuvenated us. After a week of boxing, Muay Thai, circuits, sparring, wrestling, pad work, sprints and weights, it was the perfect way to end the week. Once you got out of that ice bath you felt brand new.

There are so many benefits to exposing your body to freezing cold water, such as elevating your immune system, lowering cortisol levels and increasing your metabolic rate. It also brings you into the present moment because you are focused on your breath and the cold. Other benefits include increased alertness, improved skin and hair, elevated libido, boosted fertility, improved circulation, drainage of your lymphatic system, activation of your central nervous system; it speeds up recovery after exercise, relieves depression – and believe it or not, while cold showers wake you up, they are also great for putting you to sleep.

I want you to start introducing cold showers to your daily routine. Once you have finished your qigong routine, jump in. Now, you don’t have to start with freezing cold. And I am only suggesting you start with 20–30 seconds. Or maybe you will find you are like me and go straight in for a few minutes. The choice is yours.

If you take the second option, get under the cold, wash yourself, breathe deeply and slowly and move around as if you were in a warm shower. Don’t stand there thinking, “It’s cold!” Breathe, move, wash yourself as you would if it were warm water and get out. Do not run the warm water after. You will actually find that when you get out, you’ll feel warmer than when getting out of a warm shower. If you do decide to go straight into the cold, you can always do it for 20–30 seconds and build up daily. I generally do it for approximately five minutes.

If you want to take it slower, that is completely cool too. Remember life is a series of stepping stones. What matters is that you keep stepping. As long as you are, then you are progressing and bettering yourself each day. You are the only one you need to overcome. The only competition is with you, after all.

You can start off under lukewarm water for 15–20 seconds and then gradually increase the cold; slowly turn the dial so your body adjusts and acclimatizes. And then go colder. Once the water is as cold as it gets, stay there for 20–30 seconds. The next day 30–40 seconds. And so on. After a week or whenever it feels right, go straight to cold and then start building up your time.

It is much better to shock the body with the cold and breathe through it. The adrenaline spikes faster and the adrenaline awakens the body. It peaks, and then it brings the cortisol levels right down. Personally, I am always trying to shock the body wherever possible. I am always challenging my body. I do it with exercise, with everything. I try not to prepare my body by deciding what I will do. So, I often change things up and mix them around. I will be going about my day and drop down and do thirty push-ups or pick up a kettlebell and do some Turkish get-ups.

Cortisol and Cold

Stress is one of the biggest killers in our world and chronic diseases are caused by oxidative stress and the continuous presence of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. The controlled adrenaline rush in our body during a cold shower brings the cortisol right back down after the experience. Cortisol is a big problem in modern society because we have a lot of stress, and it doesn’t go away, because we keep on going. Our mind says, “Oh I have to do this! I have to do that! and that! and that!” The cortisol won’t stop. So, when you take a cold shower, the fight or flight system breaks down as the adrenaline shoots up and drops back down. And all the stress hormones go down with the adrenaline. If you are operating at Super-Human levels, stress never comes into your life because you utilize the potential stress energies in a different way, but none the less, cold showers are the best for Super-Humans and Super-Humans in the making.

It’s very simple. You will feel a lot better, much more calm, peaceful and tranquil. You will go from sympathetic nervous system activity to parasympathetic nervous system activity, which is the system that’s activated when you’re resting and digesting. You come off the accelerator and onto the brakes. The body appreciates this big time!

Feet: Give Them Some Love

Every day we wake up, shower, put on our shoes and socks and go through our day. We have these amazing feet that carry us everywhere, yet when do we pay them any attention? When do we give these incredible components of our physiology some love?

I spend five minutes every night before bed gently massaging my feet from top to bottom as I tell them how grateful I am for them. When you love your feet and massage them, messages are sent to all parts of your body through the nervous system, by what are known as reflexes. This is where the name reflexology comes from.

Reflexology, an ancient tradition, involves applying pressure to and massaging certain areas of the feet. Its aim is to encourage healing and relieve stress and tension. The hands and ears can also be used, but we will be focusing on the feet, as each part of the foot links to all other parts of the body.

The arrangement of the reflexes has a direct relationship to the area of the body they affect. For example, the right side of the foot is linked to the right side of the body, while the tips of the toes correspond to the head. The liver, pancreas and kidneys connect to the arch of the foot, and the lower back and intestines towards the heel.

EXERCISE Massage Your Feet

In a session, a reflexologist will apply pressure to certain reflexes. The aim is to stimulate energy flow and send signals around the body, targeting areas of tension. Reflexology aims to holistically restore balance to the body. I want to encourage you to be your own reflexologist. Every day, start at your heels and work up to your toes. If you feel any sore points (which indicate stuck energy), massage them out until the soreness has gone. As you massage, feel gratitude for your feet, which carry you everywhere. You will be surprised: once you start developing this relationship with your feet and body your energy will be stronger, and you will feel cleaner and lighter and more vibrant.

As you work you may feel hot or cold flushes and energy through the body, as all parts of the body are linked. It’s normal. You will start to understand your body and how all of it is interconnected at a very deep level. Spending a little time with your feet is the perfect Super-Human bedtime ritual.

The Platinum Light Body

We are children of the Stars. Young humans with ancient souls. We carry divine wisdom encoded into us, by ourselves. We came down to Earth to be the experience of our very own creation. As humans, we haven‘t even scratched the surface of our own inherent, natural abilities stored in the cosmic blueprint of our DNA. We haven‘t accessed a fraction of the potential in those little crystals (that we activate by performing the qigong routine in the last chapter) in the centre of our brain, nestled inside that pine cone/the pineal gland, or third eye.

Our pineal gland is so much more than a gland. It’s a Star Gate with built-in access codes to enter our cosmic nervous system that runs through every power grid, ancient site or cosmic generator, that’s ever been created, across multiple timelines, densities or frequency bands. The key to accessing these codes lies within the crystal mainframe of Mother Earth and her magnetic energy, along with the codes contained with the electrical light streams and magnetic pulses from our celestial star families, planets, moons, suns, stars, and planetary, galactic, and universal Star Gates.

The electromagnetic spin points hovering, vibrating in our platinum light body are the trigger/access points to multiple frequencies or bands of information that contain ancient knowledge within our cosmic light body. This is an extension of our light body; they are essentially one and the same, but at the same time very different. Both are a part of you, and both are accessed by light codes. The frequency and vibration of the encoded light determines the level of access. Imagine that one set of codes gives you access to the first three levels in a building (your light body) and another set of codes gives you access to floors 4–7 (your cosmic light body).

When the light body and the cosmic light body integrate fully, the fabric of the cosmic web will be interwoven through an intricate stream of light encoded data streams. The pineal gland is crucial in this process. These light encoded data streams will birth the new dawn, moving beyond the rebirth of the golden age, into the platinum age and diamond age. Or maybe there will be no rebirth and instead we will collaborate as a global community and create something new and exciting and supersede anything this magnificent Earth has ever seen. This time around it will be phenomenal. Beyond anything the human brain, with its current functionality, could comprehend. We are already there. There is no past or future. We are simply playing our parts perfectly as galactic frequency enhancers, grounding these ancient extraterrestrial light streams into the Earth.

We have around our physical body a complex web of spiralized geometry, encoded into streams of light, which is what I call the platinum light body. I started seeing this back in 2016, around clients and people in my workshops and trainings after I had taken them through certain activations. After taking many groups through many light encoded activations during meditation, I started to realize what triggered the activation of this platinum light body and what didn’t and how it affected people emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Everyone who I took through the activation saw huge growth and acceleration in their life and mentally they had so much clarity. (And please remember, no one can activate anyone else – I simply take people through a process where they activate themselves, and anyone who says they will activate your DNA is completely insane. No one can do it for you. It’s a personal choice and personal mission.) However, there was an adjustment period (generally lasting between two weeks and four months) when their physical bodies, including the brain, had to recalibrate to these new streams of data. That process generally lasted between two weeks and three or four months but did go on longer for some and to be honest, once the process is initiated, it’s a constant stream of changes. A huge acceleration occurred partly due to a huge purge taking place, as old emotions rose and deep trauma healed. Physically they became stronger and healthier, much calmer and focused on life generally, and on their life mission. Accessing and living in the present moment became natural. The ego let up, and being the observer of their life, instead of being wrapped up in the daily drama, became easy.

To activate this light body, there is a process, which we will go through later on.

About The Author

Jerry Sargeant discovered the ability to heal after a serious road traffic accident, led him on his spiritual journey where he remembered the power of Star Magic. Using an extra-terrestrial light frequency Jerry has successfully removed tumors, restored eye sight, dissolved fibromyalgia and more.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Findhorn Press (January 17, 2023)
  • Length: 312 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644115299

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Raves and Reviews

“Offering one of the most powerful healing systems on the planet, Jerry is the real deal, a true and gifted healer and an amazing teacher. I have used Jerry’s tools in my medical practice and the results are fast, lasting, and truly breathtaking.”

– SHAWN K. CENTERS, M.D.H, D.O., FACOP, professor of pediatrics and integrative medicine, director of

“I have witnessed cases like paralysis, where the brain cells are killed, resulting in loss of messages between muscles and nerves, damaging the nervous system and stopping it from coming back to life. The holographic healing available with the tools from Activate Your Super-Human Potential enables the revival of cells. Being a doctor, I can bring this work into the medical world.”

– VANDANA R ANNJJIT ASHAR, B .H.M.S. (Homeopathic Medical Science), Access Body Process facilitator an

“This new, surprising, and sophisticated healing system introduces us to powerful practical tools that support the full functioning of our DNA. It’s a fast-paced and intriguing read, full of real human stories; advice on darkness, light, and love; details of sacred geometry, metaphysics, and mathematics; and transformational exercises of information, code, and frequency. Get ready, with love and discipline, to accelerate your personal evolution and contribute to planetary evolution.”

– JULIA PAULETTE HOLLENBERY, therapist, speaker, teacher, and author of The Healing Power of Pleasure

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