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A Time to Lead

Mastering Your Self . . . So You Can Master Your World

Published by Worth
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Based on cutting edge academic research, insights from his extensive executive coaching practice, combined with the lessons he has learned from over 75 interviews conducted with top CEOs, bestselling authors, and TED speakers, A Time to Lead by Craig Dowden provides an inspiring and practical roadmap to maximizing your potential to be the leader the world needs you to be.

Being a leader has never been easy. Today, the responsibility is even more daunting. Now, leadership stretches well beyond managing our balance sheets. It also includes managing social, environmental, and emotional concerns. Most importantly, to be a successful leader, we must be able to successfully lead ourselves. This book shows you the way.

To successfully navigate the current and future terrain of leadership, we must be able to successfully lead ourselves. This is the fundamental premise of A Time to Lead: Mastering Your Self… So You Can Master Your World. Written by best-selling ForbesBooks author, Craig Dowden (PhD), the book makes the case that the best leaders possess an advanced understanding of the inner workings of our minds AND our hearts. He starts by highlighting the importance of mindset and how we can stay in growth mode. Craig also talks about how we can avoid a major blind spot and common derailer for most executives—our emotions. The book sheds light on the scientific secrets of resilience as well as how we can discover and leverage our strengths. He provides insights into how we can receive feedback well so we can continue to have the impact we desire. Craig closes with the importance and challenges of authentic leadership and outlines key reflection questions, which enable us to bring our true selves to every situation.

Craig Dowden (Ph.D.) is a highly respected executive coach with the Forbes Coaches Council as well as an award-winning speaker who delivers interactive, evidence-based workshops that translate the science of leadership, team, and organizational excellence into everyday practice.

His first book, Do Good to Lead Well: The Science and Practice of Positive Leadership was published by Forbes in early 2019. The book was endorsed by over thirty CEOs and top-rated TED speakers, including Adam Grant and Marshall Goldsmith. It quickly achieved best-seller status and was immediately picked up for national distribution by Chapters/Indigo.

Grounded in scientific research, Craig’s unique approach to leadership has been driven by his lifelong passion to help people achieve their full potential, both professionally and personally. Craig’s two decades of executive coaching experience coupled with his interviews with top thought leaders in the world has resulted in a very practical approach that will appeal to current and future executives.

Craig has been a regular contributor to, and featured expert in, top-tier leadership and business publications including Forbes, Fast Company, the Financial Post, the Huffington Post, Financial Times, the Globe and Mail, and Psychology Today.

Craig was recognized as one of Ottawa’s “Forty under 40” business leaders by the Ottawa Business Journal, a select group of individuals who “exemplify leadership, entrepreneurship and community building.” These leaders are chosen using three criteria: career accomplishments, professional expertise, as well as community and charitable involvement.