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A Love that Heals

Letting God's Love Give You Hope in Times of Grief

About The Book

A Love that Heals helps readers connect with Angie's personal journey through grief, while helping them deal with their own loss.

Love is a simple but powerful word, and A Love that Heals is written from the heart of a Grammy Award-nominated singer and songwriter, Angie Winans, after the devastating loss of her brother Ronald. Everyone handles grief differently, but Angie outlines common principles that will help any grieving heart understand that the love of God provides true resolution.

The same love that causes so much pain in loss is also the same love that can heal, so long as readers let it. Angie's account of her personal journey provides a voice readers can identify with as they struggle through the difficult aftermath of death. Angie uncovers the many facets of love, including celebration, hope, and healing power. Even for readers who feel like their heart will never beat again, Angie's message provides comfort and hope.

A Love that Heals also includes journaling pages so readers can "talk through" their loss, as well as comforting words that show how God's love can lead them to a place of strength once again.

About The Author

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Angie Winans is the next to last-born of the ten children in the Winans gospel dynasty. At 15, she joined her sister Debbie and friend Sherry Reynolds Kibble for a ten year stretch as background vocalists for her brother and sister, BeBe & CeCe Winans. Angie has written and produced such hits as the urban styled "Never Alone" for Star Search winner Kelli Williams' debut album. She also composed the overture, sang and arranged most of the background vocals on CeCe Winans' gold album, Alone In His Presence and wrote "I Love You" for BeBe & CeCe's hit Christmas album. In 2001, Angie went solo, completing the debut album, Melodies of My Heart.

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