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365 Sex Thrills

Positions, Tricks and Techniques for an Erotic Year

Spice up every night of the year with 365 intimate, adventurous and sensual sex positions with this handy, full-color guide to making better, more fulfilling love.

Offering everything from sizzling new positions and orgasmic sex-toy play to kinky foreplay to set the mood, 365 Sex Thrills has a new adventure for every day of the year. Open to a page, any page, and you’ll light the fire.

• Take the naughty out of the bedroom and into the boardroom with Desk Duty
• Introduce some sizzling foreplay—removing everything piece by piece—to let the fire burn red hot with Slow Strip
• Who’s been a bad girl? Tie her up for a little light S&M with The Windsor
• Get wet and wild under the water with Shower Your Senses

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