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360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny

A Zodiac Oracle

Published by Destiny Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

A guide to reading your astrological chart more deeply by investigating the degrees, or Star Sparks, of the planets and star cycles

• Explains how each of the 12 signs of the zodiac has 30 degrees, and each degree, like every star, is the center of a whole system of meanings

• Provides detailed write-ups for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac

• Details how to use the degrees for personal chart interpretation and as an oracle for guidance and inspiration

In this extraordinary synthesis of 50 years in star work, astrologer Ellias Lonsdale explains how each of the 12 signs of the zodiac has 30 degrees, and each degree, like every star, is the center of a whole system of meanings. Inspired by the Chandra Symbols--evocative images for each degree channeled by John Sandbach nearly 40 years ago--as well as his studies with master astrologers Dane Rudhyar and Marc Edmund Jones, Lonsdale explores the deeper story, or Star Spark, of each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac, providing detailed write-ups for each degree.

The author explains how to use the degree of your Sun sign and other planets from your birth chart for personal chart interpretation. Offering a way to tune in to your future star cycles as well as analyze a past event, he discusses how you can learn about personal cycles from studying the degree of a transiting or progressed planet at a specific time, such as Mercury Retrograde, or by following the degree meanings for successive New Moons or Solar Returns, revealing collective as well as personal timings. He also details how to use the 360 Star Sparks as an astrological oracle to consult when you need guidance or support for your awakening process as well as how they can be used as a source for daily contemplation by following the Sun through each degree day by day throughout the year.

Providing an astrological tool to help you see deeply inside your life, your shadow, what you are questioning, and where you are being guided, this key to the symbolic power of the 360 degrees of the zodiac shows that by embracing our star cycles, we can discover our unique life path and light up the stars within.


From “What You Need to Know”

How to Use This Book

Astrologers can enjoy this book as a readout on each degree of the zodiac that provides an alternative feel for what is possible in human destiny. The Star Sparks give us a way of tuning into a given degree that stimulates the imagination and inspires the mind to see in new, fresh ways.

If we want a prophetic intimation of what is happening in our lives, we could open this book at random, or enter into the silence and ask to be shown what we most need to know or live into at this juncture. With full-spectrum vision opening up in these pages in oracular fashion, we can allow them to speak from deep inside.

If we need to tune into cycles, Star Sparks lends guidance, accuracy and precision into getting inside to the heart of a planet as we experience eclipses, a planet turning retrograde or direct, an outer planet in one degree for a long time, or a current cycle that is more personal and impactful. Or, we may be called to research the past to find what was, why that special time was so very unusual and distinctive. Star Sparks yields what it might say to us now.

If we are struggling mightily and lack perspective altogether, we can surrender into the moment and allow the book to open to the answer to our prayers, or to the confirmation of our intuition, or to the passage through and beyond a given cycle. This is what Spirit has to say to us through the medium of the degree frequencies and their symbolic power.

Aries 1
Chandra Symbol: A man repairing and extending a stone wall in the spring.

He sticks to the task. He stays in the here and now. He does not want to know anything about the past, or anything about all the complex connections you can make between one thing and another. He is intent on freeing himself from the mind and becoming a will being, an effective agent of change.

He will seek the most straightforward and outwardly unremarkable of contexts and ways to do it. He is allergic to complications. He wants to get to work. He wants to see results. He wants to stay naïve to the overall factors that others insist upon.

He has this notion and he is right on it. His notion is that somebody around here should do what is needed, get down to it and shut up. He has heard enough to last forever. All he can believe in now is what works, what advances things, what moves the energy somewhere interesting.

His skills, focus, and aim are incredible. When you’re this intent upon one thing only, you get it straight. And he loves that sensation of getting it right, of being on.

Yes, he does like others to notice. Yes, he does feel fervor. He’s got an attitude. There are lots of things he doesn’t like. This is someone who has a very particular point of view and a very particular direction in life.

When you are a rough, straight arrow and not very sensitized to the nuances, you can indeed get yourself in lots of trouble. But when you are willing to work hard and are good at second winds and taking it to the next level, you can easily outlive your own folly. Bangs on the head are nothing here.

Aries 2
Chandra Symbol: Old stone steps descending into darkness.

The heavy tread of the karmic past leads us to places we do not want to go, but where we need to go. Somebody got left behind somewhere. We need that aspect of ourselves now. We can’t really get anywhere without this one.

So, we seek out shadows and are magnetized to the depths. We subconsciously generate what we consciously prefer to avoid. The process draws us through spaces which can be consuming and painful and quite extended before they can ever turn into liberating and fresh directions.

We have to go back to get on with it. We have to get under our disguise to find our way through. We cannot shrug off the inner demand that we hunt ourselves down and flesh ourselves out, that we get in touch and in tune with everything that’s elusive and hard to reach.

This particular pathway is one of the least attractive, reinforcing, and rewarding of frequencies to move through. It is trouble. There is no way to minimize the factor of risk and menace. This is no place to play.

Yet, in the ultimate reckoning, this can well be the beginning point-the spark for taking a new direction that needs to have its root structure unearthed along the way. We get down to essentials honestly, candidly, and with a sense of every moment counting.

The possibilities of getting lost in this realm are multiple. The likelihood of doing it in too rough and crude a fashion is very great. When doing shadow work, you tend to constellate the shadow and to make it all happen from a place that is shadowed itself.

We can ask of ourselves here for the foolish willingness to go where we are called and to surrender gracefully, or at least without pulling back and away. What we can look toward is raw primal recovery of soul in startling depth.

About The Author

Ellias Longsdale is a Star Master and New Earth Visionary. He developed a distinctive system of living astrology in the 1970s and 1980s under masters Dane Rudhyar and Marc Edmund Jones as well as through involvement with the Rudolf Steiner movement. He offers teleclasses and star readings and is the author of several books, including The Book of Theanna.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Destiny Books (August 31, 2021)
  • Length: 416 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644112823

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Raves and Reviews

“When Ellias did my reading, it was like he shone a light upon all of the parts of myself that are most valuable, vivid, and honest. More specifically, he was giving me permission to be, or rather telling me, who I really am. What’s valuable about this for me is that it’s THE MOST VALUABLE THING ON THE PLANET. When he reflected back to me who I was, it was like I saw the rest of my life before me and understood which adventures were honest and which were fake.

“I am constantly drawn into worlds I have no business attending, and so this lesson, this helping hand, is more than just a blessing for me. It was really quite simple actually: This is who you are. This is what you’ve got. This is where the fire is. Now it’s time to go off!!!!

“I let all of the bullshit fall away. I felt at least thirty pounds lighter afterward, and still a few months later find myself drawn to what he shared with me as an anchor for how to embrace the adventure of my own life.

“If I hadn’t met Ellias, I might have done a million things as a way of trying to make something of my life that have absolutely nothing to do with why I’m here. His message was clear and direct. I left knowing where to go and who to be: ME, ME, ME, ME.”

– Lucas Hedges, Academy Award-nominated actor

“For fifty years Ellias Lonsdale has been quietly excavating layers hidden beneath the surface of astrology. This book achieves nothing short of a revolution in astrology and human design. The zodiac will never be looked at the same.”

– Mark Borax, creator of Soul Level Astrology and headmaster of the College of Visionaries and Wizards

“I have been a fan of Ellias Lonsdale since I first laid eyes on his great work Inside Planets way back in the 1990s. It is clear to me that he is a wizard, a genius who knows how to work with the symbols of our precious language of astrology in ways only a fullblown master can.”

– Stephanie Azaria, facilitator of Cosmic Consciousness

"If you are someone who enjoys working with imagery, either as an artistic, writer, or depth-psychologist, this is definitely a must-have for one’s astrological collection. Because of the simplicity of the method and boundless possibilities of integrating the Chandra Symbols and star sparks, I think this is a great book for astrological beginners. Though even those who have lived by the stars for quite some time are sure to find something meaningful in Lonsdale’s works."

– Alanna Kali, Musing Mystical

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