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13 Things Rich People Won't Tell You

325+ Tried-and-True Secrets to Building Your Fortune by Saving and Spending Smarter

Part of 13 Things
Published by Trusted Media Brands
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

In the same spirit of Reader’s Digest magazine’s popular 13 Things They Won’t Tell You series, the editors at America’s Most Trusted Magazine have developed the ultimate roadmap to build your fortune no matter what your salary.

Did you read about the janitor who donated $1 million dollars to his local library? Do you ever watch in amazement as your well-off boss haggles over the price of a tuna fish sandwich? Is it possible to find an advisor to help you invest your money—without losing it all to a Bernie Madoff-like con man?
In the same spirit of Reader’s Digest magazine’s popular 13 Things They Won’t Tell You series, the editors at America’s Most Trusted Magazine have developed the ultimate roadmap for making the most of your money and avoiding the wallet-sucking scams that are keeping you off Easy Street. We talked to everyday and not-so-everyday rich folks, and to the experts who helped make them rich, to learn their secrets on what to save for, how much to save—and where to stash cash so that it grows (hint: not that bank savings account). We also got their tips for developing “rich guy vision”: The uncanny ability to make financial goals and reach them in five, ten even 20 years—while smartly navigating economic pitfalls and surprises.
You’ll learn what services you should be getting for free, how to ask the right questions to get behind-the-scenes deals, and how to “live rich” even on an everyday budget. You’ll stop wasting money, blowing your budget (or flying blind without one), and getting scammed. This book will enlighten you, horrify you, and give you a whole new perspective on when to spend and when to stash it deep in your pockets.
Inside you’ll discover countless eye-opening strategies for:

Saving and investing. The savvy tricks you need to know to grow your money wisely—from branching out beyond your 401K to getting tax breaks you didn’t know you deserved. Plus: what the IRS, stockbrokers, and bankers won’t tell you.

House and home. All the tips your rich neighbors might not want you to know, including: smart versus stupid renovations; smart ways to increase your home’s value; advice on first and second mortgages; buying and selling your home. Plus, what your mortgage lender and real estate agent won’t tell you.

The Household Budget: How to build a budget that lets you “live rich” while saving. Topics include smart vs. stupid splurges; online budget tools and calculators; tips for saving on utilities, gasoline, groceries and car repairs.

College planning. Some of the most famous rich people in the country (Mark Zuckerberg, anyone?) are also famous for dropping out of college. You’ll get out-of-the-box thinking about the value of private versus public universities; 529 plans; loans, scholarships, and financial aid; advice from college admissions officers. Of course, millionaires also tell us how they made money by following their hearts and doing what they love—and you can approach your kids’ education with that in mind. Plus: what your scholarship and test-prep services, financial planner, and student-loan company won’t tell you.

Retirement. How the rich really want to spend their golden years, and the clever ways they seed the ground now to ensure their retirement dreams bloom and flourish later. Plus what your 401(k) manager, pension plan, and financial planner won’t tell you.

Along the way, you’ll discover top savings strategies for clipping coupons and hunting down bargains, how to pass Go and collect the big salaries, and the biggest mistakes that cost the rich their fortunes. With this handy companion, you’ll have all the savvy, patience, and smarts you’ll ever need to get ahead—and stay there.

About The Author

Product Details

  • Publisher: Trusted Media Brands (September 12, 2013)
  • Length: 304 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781621451020

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