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About The Book

Hunter. Hockey mom. Live action figure.

Sarah Palin is living proof that politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. In 101 Things You - and John McCain - Didn’t Know about Sarah Palin, readers learn the (alleged) truth about the (reputed) Republican darling from Alaska who’s taken the nation by (ice) storm. In this hilarious, irreverent look at the world’s most infamous Miss Congeniality, comedian and WTF? author Gregory Bergman reveals more than one hundred bizarre, obscure facts about the bizarre, obscure governor from Wasilla, including:
  • #3 Sarah Palin supports funding for abstinence-only programs in schools. Just call her Grandma.
  • #4 In 2007, Sarah Palin offered $150 to every hunter who hacked off the left foreleg of a wolf shot from a plane. Talk about wolves being thrown, uh, to the wolves.
  • #12 Sarah Palin once dressed as Tina Fey for Halloween. She gained twenty IQ points and a sense of humor.
101 Things You - and John McCain - Didn’t Know about Sarah Palin - because politics is funnier than fiction!

About The Author

Gregory Bergman is the author of numerous humor books such as the WTF series, which includes WTF? America and WTF? College

Product Details

  • Publisher: Adams Media (September 25, 2008)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781605509969

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