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Vincent Bernière

About The Author

Vincent Bernière is a French author, editor and journalist born in Paris in 1969. Throughout his career, Vincent has followed two main paths, journalism and publishing, and has worked in just about all aspects of both fields. After studying history at the University of Paris X Nanterre, he worked in a library and wrote a few articles for pop culture magazine Les Inrockuptibles. Later he became Beaux Arts magazine's editor-in-chief for special issues devoted to comics, as well as an international correspondent for Technikart. He joined publishing powerhouse Le Seuil in 2001, where he headed up an imprint and oversaw the release of many graphic novels, including a book by the Hernandez brothers that won the Heritage prize at Angoulême in 2006. He joined comic book publisher Delcourt in 2008, where he headed up two imprints: erotica and graphic novels from the U.S., including Chris Ware's Building Stories, which won the special jury prize at Angoulême in 2015. Vincent is also the author of several books, including Shoot Again (Panama), Actuel, les belles histoires (with Mariel Primois, La Martinière publishing), Sex Press, la révolution sexuelle dans la presse underground (with Mariel Primois, La Martinière publishing), Le Château des ruisseaux (with Frédéric Poincelet, released by Dupuis) and an anthology of erotic comics (Beaux Arts). In 2017, Vincent took over the reins of Les Cahiers de la BD (a magazine about comics) as editor-in-chief and in 2018 created Revival, a comic book imprint specializing in new editions of old books and books by emerging artists.

Books by Vincent Bernière