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Trish Doolan

About The Author

"Trish Doolan


Trish Doolan started acting and modeling at the age of three, and graced many magazine covers as a child model. Trish moved to Los Angeles from New York by the age of 19 and began making the rounds as a working actress in Hollywood, in commercials, television and film.

A versatile, accomplished storyteller, Trish Doolan is an acclaimed screenwriter, playwright, director and actor. She wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film April’s Shower, which was released by Regent Films and promptly won four best picture awards, two in the States and two in Europe. The New York Times called April’s Shower highly “enjoyable” and “refreshingly volatile.” The San Francisco Chronicle deemed it “expansive, talky and zany,” and called Trish’s storytelling “impressive.”

Raised in Queens, New York and one of six children, Trish’s strong Irish/Italian family provided much of the inspiration for her first novel, Me & Five Guys. The Running with Scissors-like Me and Five Guys is based on her real-life experiences coming of age. Her second novel, The Singing Gardener, is a classic tale of forbidden love and the magic that occurs when we follow our hearts.

One of Trish’s many screenplays, Me & My Cannoli’s had been optioned by prolific Hollywood Exec Producer Lucas Foster (Mr.& Mrs. Smith, Crimson Tide, Man on Fire) Trish recently took this project back into her hands as a HER-I-CAN ENTERTAINMENT property. Two of her other screenplays, Dancing Fool and Next Stop are currently in pre-production stages. In late 2007 Trish wrote, directed, produced and starred in the short film, What’s True; a controversial film posing the question… while innocent people are wrongly convicted and spending time in prison for crimes they did not commit “What is true?” The film was selected to participate in the Cannes Film Festival Shorts program.

Continuing to forge new ground in Hollywood both in front of and behind the camera,

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