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Terry T. Gorski, m.a., c.a.c.

About The Author

Terence T. Gorski is the president of The CENAPS Corporation, a training and consultation firm specializing in recovery from addictive disease and relapse prevention therapy. He is a popular speaker and conducts training and workshops in more than twenty different cities each year.

Mr. Gorski is the author of numerous books, audio, and videotapes, including Passages Through Recovery—An Action Plan for Preventing Relapse, Staying Sober—A Guide for Relapse Prevention, The Staying Sober Workbook, and How to Start Relapse Prevention Support Groups.

He is the clinical director of the National Relapse Prevention Certification School, which trains counselors and therapists in relapse prevention therapy methods.

Books by Terry T. Gorski, m.a., c.a.c.