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Terry J Erdmann

About The Author

Terry J. Erdmann is the coauthor of the novella Star Trek: Deep Space Nine—Lust’s Latinum Lost and numerous nonfiction books about the entertainment industry, including Star Trek: The Original Series 365, Star Trek 101, Monk: The Official Episode Guide, The Last Samurai Official Companion, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, The Secrets of Star Trek Insurrection, The Magic of Tribbles, The Tribble Handbook, Star Trek: Action!, and The 4400 Companion. As a motion picture publicist, he helped to create the marketing campaigns for dozens of films, from Cocoon, Aliens, and Willow, to What’s Love Got to Do With It, Father of the Bride Part II, G.I. Jane, and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. He lives in Southern Oregon, where he and his wife, author Paula M. Block, write a monthly entertainment column for The Jacksonville Review.

Books by Terry J Erdmann