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Steven M. Price

About The Author

Steven M. Price is an author, producer, speaker, historian, and preservation consultant based in Palm Desert, California. A native Angeleno, Steven came of age in the 1960s and '70s, an especially golden time and place for the architecture and design style later to be known as Midcentury Modern.

After a twenty-year career in the entertainment industry, Steven decided to write a book on Trousdale Estates borne of his love of L.A. architecture. In the time the book took shape, he became a recognized authority on Midcentury Modern architecture and its preservation, making frequent appearances in print, online, radio, and documentaries on Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs architectural and preservation issues.

Steven served as a consultant on the City of Beverly Hills' 2014 Historical Resource Survey---the first conducted since 1986---and has briefed the Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission on the architectural history and context of Trousdale Estates. In 2015, Steven joined the Board of the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation. His Palm Desert residence shares an architect with developer Paul Trousdales's own 1958 home in Trousdale Estates: Hollywood Regency godfather John Elgin Woolf.

Books by Steven M. Price