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Stephanie LaPointe

About The Author

Author Stéphanie Lapointe is a jack-of-all-trades who loves to do everything - even the dishes because it relaxes her. When she sings, records, plays the piano, or plays characters in TV series or movies, she feels good. Even if she does not particularly like to get on a plane (especially not the little ones with doors through which the air from outside infiltrates), Stéphanie does it occasionally to go and shoot different documentary projects. 

It is thanks to one of her friends that Stéphanie embarked on the adventure of writing. She has won the Governor General’s Award for her book Grandfather and the Moon, as well as for the Fanny Cloutier series.

She is well-known in Canada as she is a singer, song writer, actress and humanitarian activist. She is known for winning the second season of the reality TV show Star Académie, winning the title of “next solo singing sensation”.

Today, Stéphanie lives in Montreal in a white and pink house she built with someone she loves.

Books by Stephanie LaPointe