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Stanley Konopka

About The Author

A ravenous reader from a young age, Stan had found his home in the pages of books. Being able to feel and live the stories of other people eventually lead him down the dark and lonely path to becoming a writer. Now consumed by the very words he once loved, a writer he had become. 

With the hit three part series “The Rejected” from Source Point Press, he claimed his place in the world of the written word.  

Other credits include: 

Writer of “The Man With No Horse” a one shot western revenge comic.

Writer of “The Rejected” series

Other projects include, “Black River”, “Bloody Knuckles” and more.


Stan Konopka, writer of the highly acclaimed, award-winning graphic novel series, “The Rejected”. 

Stan started reading the classics at a young age and hasn’t stopped since. On a lifelong mission to consume all the words. His passion for the macabre lead him down the road to becoming a horror writer. 

Books by Stanley Konopka