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Sheila Warnock

Photograph by Nancy Adler

About The Author

Share The Care was born when twelve people—including Sheila Warnock and the late Cappy Capossela—came together to help their terminally ill friend and stayed together caring for her for three and a half years. The authors documented the systems developed during that period for others to follow.

Tragically, in 2002, Sheila spearheaded a group for Cappy when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Following Cappy's death, Sheila founded a nonprofit organization ShareTheCaregiving in Cappy's memory.  She built a website ( and updated and revised the book for a second edition.  

ShareTheCaregiving’s mission is to improve the “quality of life” of persons who are seriously ill, disabled, or experiencing the challenges of aging, and to reduce stress, depression, isolation and economic hardship often suffered by their family caregivers.   The organization offers a community educational program that includes a training for health professionals and clergy, workshops for caregivers, and Share The Care Stations.  E-mail and telephone support is available to caregivers, and health professionals.  In the works, is a web-based program that will allow Share The Care groups to operate on-line. Check the web site for information and announcements.  

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The New York City Share The Care Program (2008-09)
“2009 Achievement Award for Cross-Generational
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