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Shannah Kennedy

Photograph by Rachel Devine

About The Author

Shannah Kennedy is one of Australia’s foremost strategic executive life and health coaches. She works to transform her clients’ careers, well-being, and lives. She specializes in executive strategy, transition, values, vision, overcoming burnout, and life planning for individuals. Her proven expertise enables clients to gain control of their lives in order to achieve their visions and goals and find happiness and fulfillment. She is a bestselling author, well-being specialist, keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and media contributor, and a wife and mother of two. Shannah lives and dances with chronic fatigue syndrome and depression and is committed to living her best and most energetic life based on her values and commitment to authenticity. Visit for free resources, information, and to make inquiries for Shannah’s coaching packages and public and corporate programs.

Books by Shannah Kennedy