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Serge Le Tendre

About The Author

Born in Vincennes in 1946, Serge Le Tendre knew very early that he wanted to be a comic book artist. His parents did not see it that way and, at 16, he found himself an accountant's assistant. As soon as he was old enough, he enrolled at the university in his native town, where he attended comic book courses given by Mézières, Giraud and Moliterni, and where he rubbed shoulders with André Juillard and Régis Loisel.

He quickly preferred the job of scriptwriter to that of cartoonist. From 1974, he conceived short stories for the magazines Pilote and Tousse-Bourin with Dominique Hé, Annie Goetzinger and Michel Rouge illustrating. In 1975, in the luxury magazine Imagine, edited by Rodolphe, he inaugurated his now famous Quest for the Time Bird, illustrated by Loisel. Since 1977, he has contributed to the periodicals Fluide Glacial, Métal Hurlant, Fripounet, Circus... and has written countless other books.

Books by Serge Le Tendre