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Roxanne Harris

About The Author

Roxanne Harris, The Audacious Wellness Warrior, lives and works out of her 176-year-old home office on her hobby farm in Ontario, Canada, happily tending to her chickens, gardens, and clients. Roxanne’s life changed in 2000 with a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease. After years of suffering, she told her rheumatologist that there was no way she would ever end up in a wheelchair. This landmark moment spurred an audacity and grit in Roxanne to get her health back—no matter what. And she has! Now living the audacious life that she created, Roxanne is an enthusiastic advocate and educator for a healthy lifestyle. 

Roxanne inspires, empowers, and trains godly women to have the audacity to live well on purpose by overcoming their diagnosis, prognosis, and circumstance to create their own beautiful life. She is passionate about raising women to renewed life, filled with hope, passion, exuberance, and joy, and free of pain—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Roxanne holds multiple diplomas in several natural medicine modalities, including Homeopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Blood Microscopy, and Bioregulatory Medicine, and has over fifteen years of clinical experience. She is known to be a tenacious wellness practitioner, who gets results and sees lives changed for the better. 

Roxanne is a keynote speaker, speaking internationally at conferences, conventions, and events on health, wellness, and faith.

She is married to her Mr. Wonderful, Scott, and they have four grown children. When not working, Roxanne can be found dancing in the kitchen, creating healthy gastronomic delights.


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