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Richard Dinnick

About The Author

Richard Dinnick is a British writer for TV, comics and books. He is a member of the Writers’ Guild, BAFTA for whom he has served as a judge and is a visiting lecturer in scriptwriting at several universities in the UK. He is the creator of Legendary Entertainment’s ROB (a new twist on the Robin Hood mythos) and of After-Shock Comics’ LAST LINE. Richard has his own TV dramas in development on both sides of the Atlantic and has written on several TV shows, across the globe from the UK and USA to India and Dubai, including the latest series of THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO! for ITV and Amazon Studios, and won the British Screenwriters' Award for Best Children’s TV Show in 2018 for his work on the BBC’s GO JETTERS. Richard is the lead writer on the tie-in comic for Netflix’s hit show LOST IN SPACE – also for Legendary Entertainment – and has new IP coming next year in the form of comic books yet to be announced as well as work on existing franchises. Richard has several Titan Comics’ DOCTOR WHO series under his belt and has written many titles for the franchise's book range released by Penguin Random House.

Books by Richard Dinnick