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About The Author

Reyka Vodka comes from Iceland's first distillery, locatedin Borganes, Iceland. Located 74 km outside of Reykjavik,this coastal village is removed from industrial life andsurrounded by wonderful natural resources. With bountiful,crisp arctic waters and abundant lava rocks that we use tofilter our small batch vodka, we can't help but want to givethe world a little taste of what we experience every day.Reyka isn't just made in Iceland. It's made of Iceland, withthe things that make this island unlike any other place inthe world. Learn more about us at Snorri Sturluson is an Icelandic director andphotographer. Snorri began his career documenting themusic scene in Iceland in the 80s, and became a producerfor several Icelandic music labels. Snorri has lived in NewYork since 2001 and has helmed numerous high profileadvertising campaigns for TV, print, and internet for manyof the world's best known brands as well as directedmusic videos and other content. Snorri is the author ofprevious powerHouse book Laundromat (2013).

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