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Pete Von Sholly

About The Author

Born in New York, Pete Von Sholly has storyboarded over 100 feature films including "THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION", "MARS ATTACKS!", "DARKMAN", "JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH", "THE GREEN MILE" and "THE MIST." Dark Horse Publishing has published three of Von Sholly's critically acclaimed graphic novels entitled "MORBID", "MORBID 2: DEAD BUT NOT OUT!" and "EXTREMELY WEIRD STORIES."  Von Sholly's work has also been seen in his satiric magazines from Two Morrows Publishing, "COMIC BOOK NERD" and "CRAZY HIP GROOVY GO-GO WAY-OUT MONSTERS," as well as Last Gasp's "FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE" and "NEUROCOMICS," which he did with Timothy Leary.

Books by Pete Von Sholly