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Paula M. Block

About The Author

Paula M. Block is the co-author of the novella Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Lust’s Latinum Lost and numerous nonfiction books about the entertainment industry, including Star Trek The Original Series 365, Star Trek 101, Monk: The Official Episode Guide, The 4400 Companion, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, The Secrets of Star Trek Insurrection, Star Trek: Action!, and The Magic of Tribbles. She is also the co-editor of Pocket Books' popular short story series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. She has been a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, the Midwest correspondent for Biotechnology Newswatch, and the international editor for Chemical Week. After 19 years overseeing and editing licensed publishing for Paramount Pictures and CBS Television, Paula moved to Southern Oregon, where she and her husband, author Terry J. Erdmann, write a monthly entertainment column for The Jacksonville Review.

Books by Paula M. Block