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Nigel Allsopp

About The Author

Nigel Allsopp is the founder of one of the world's largest war animal charities. The Australian War Animal Memorial Association ensures the deeds and sacrifices of service animals are not forgotten via the establishment of memorials internationally. Nigel's charity also provides veterans with therapy animals, including PTSD equine and dog programmes. A world authority on canines, Nigel served for 15 years in the RNZAF Police as an operational military working dog handler, 18 years in the Queensland Police Service as an explosive detection dog handler and is currently a senior lecturer at the Queensland Police Service Academy. An author of 14 books, including international best seller – Cry Havoc: the History of War Dogs, Nigel lives in Canungra, Queensland and was awarded Australia's RSL ANZAC of the Year Award 2017 in recognition of his positive, selfless and compassionate service to the community. 

Books by Nigel Allsopp