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Natalie Stockdale

About The Author

Natalie believes that hardships are an inevitable and essential part of life experience that shape our character and enrich our lives. How we handle our hardships is a choice.  Although educated in Melbourne, Natalie has lived mostly in rural, remote and coastal areas of Australia, accumulating a life rich of challenges and experience. From teaching, ‘governessing’ and owning sheep and cattle stations in outback Queensland with her husband and three daughters, to eco-tourism with whales and dolphins, and international work as a Humane Educator, promoting kindness to all life on earth. In 2009, Natalie’s world fell apart- losing her marriage, family, home and business. Eighteen months later, she contracted cancer. After surviving cancer, Natalie eventually woke up to the importance of resilience for our mind and body. She resigned from her job as CEO of the Jane Goodall Institute Australia, dived into the study of Mind Body Medicine and Stress Management therapies and wrote Campfire for the Heart onboard her yacht in Queensland.  
On a mission to make happier, resilient people, Natalie is an international Resilience Coach for individuals, organisations and communities. 

Books by Natalie Stockdale