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Mary Caperton Morton

About The Author

Mary Caperton Morton is a freelance science and travel writer currently based in California's Sierra Nevada mountains. For over a decade, Mary was a roving correspondent for EARTH magazine, where her favorite beat was the Travels in Geology column. She also founded the Living in Geologic Time column for Eos magazine and her work has appeared in Science News, High Country News, and the Guardian. She also writes the popular blog Travels with the Blonde Coyote (Follow the Blonde Coyote and see more of the world!), and is the author of Aerial Geology: A High-Altitude Tour of North America’s Spectacular Volcanoes, Canyons, Glaciers, Lakes, Craters and Peaks. In her 15 years as a North American road-warrior nomad, Mary has hiked in all 50 states and visited over 200 national parks. When she’s not at the keyboard she can usually be found outside—hiking, skiing, climbing mountains, and taking photographs.

Books by Mary Caperton Morton