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Mario Capaldi

About The Author

Mario Capaldi was born in Glasgow in 1935. His ancestors originally hailed from a village close to Montecassino in Italy, migrating to the UK in the latter half of the nineteenth century. As a child, Mario’s talent for drawing was never encouraged and by the 1950s he was working for his families’ ice-cream business in Middlesborough. Though mainly self-taught, he did eventually study art at Contantine College. Mario had a long and impressive career in comics working for IPC and Marvel on such titles as Hurricane, Tiger, Eagle, Tammy, Jinty, Misty, Roy of the Rovers, Thundercats, Care Bears, Sesame Street, Duckula and Battle Action Force. Beyond comics he illustrated children’s books, including the Famous Five, Rupert the Bear and Disney’s Aladdin. He also worked on a Charles Dickens project for the New York Saturday Evening Post.

Books by Mario Capaldi